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Scheduling Coordinator

Job Details

Huntingdon Office - Huntingdon, TN
High School
$12.00 - $15.00 Hourly
Customer Service



1. Recruits and assists in the hiring process when warranted
2. Assists wirh orientation and training of all new hires.
3. Participates in coaching and disciplining employees as needed.
4. Assists with maintaining a complete and accurate visit schedule, tracking staff and availability, cancellations, late arrivals and/or early departures from assigned shifts.
5. Finds replacements for staff that call in sick or are unable to work as needed.
6. Verifies all weekend shifts on Friday to assure that all needs for the weekend are addressed as needed.
7. Finds appropriate staff for individual clients as needed.
8. When on-call, uses every effort to find staff when there is a need, keeps a log of events including employee availability, employee issues, problems with staff or client concerns as needed.
9. Uses communication log, which includes needs, availability or cancellations.
10. Represents the agency positively and professionally with each call. Approaches each telephone call and interview as a sales opportunity.
11. Understands and resolves concerns from clients in a positive and professional manner.
12. Maintains good communication with all personnel, supervisory staff and all departments.
13. Assists with continuing education of staff, as needed.
14. Assists the Billing Department with verification and timely submission of information necessary to bill.
15. Understands and assures adherence to all organizational policies, procedures, and processes (administrative, personnel, etc.). Seeks guidance and further clarification of organizational policies, procedures, and processes when uncertainty/confusion arises.
16. Maintains compliance with all Federal/State licensure requirements and assists with preparation and participates in all such surveys. Reports to immediate supervisor any comments and/or suggestions made by a surveyor.
17. Availability: On time to work and follows rules concerning attendance. Provides advance notice of absences and tardiness.
18. Adherence to Policy: Always follows rules, procedures and regulations. Completes all paperwork on time.
19. Creativity: Suggests ideas, discovers new and better ways of accom-plishing goals.
20. Dependability: Always can be relied upon to complete responsibilities of the job.
21. Honesty: Always truthful and always completes agency documentation accurately.
22. Independence: Accomplishes work with little or no supervision and asks questions when in doubt.
23. Initiative: Searches out new tasks and expands abilities professionally and personally.
24. Interpersonal Relationships: Always displays willingness and ability to communicate, cooperate and work with co-workers, supervisors and customers. Fosters teamwork, dealing with issues openly and honestly.
25. Knowledge of Job: Uses technical skill and information at work. Always willing to learn new tasks and develop professional capabilities.
26. Productivity: Completes job responsibilities in a timely manner and does not allow personal affairs to interfere with job performance.
27. Quality: Meets all of the quality standards set forth by the organization, state and federal regulations.
28. Appearance: Maintains a professional appearance at all times. Follows dress code policy requirements.
29. Special Projects and Overtime: Participates willingly when requested.
30. In services and Seminars: Attends and/or conducts job related workshops and educational seminars as requested or assigned.
31. Confidentiality: Maintains confidentiality of information related to busi-ness practices, business activities and personnel.



1. A high school education or GED required with a medical office related background in computer operations and medical terminology preferred.
2. Adequate knowledge of office machines and office procedure. Well organized with good typing, filing and telephone skills.
3. Ability to communicate courteously and effectively with all people.
4. Must be capable of performing essential job functions identified.
5. General knowledge of the framework, organization, and function of the home health program.