Chief Digital Marketing Strategist
Chief Digital Marketing Strategist
Princeton, NJ - Princeton, NJ
Full Time

Princeton University Press (PUP) seeks a Chief Digital Marketing Strategist (CDMS) to join PUP’s marketing team to lead digital marketing efforts. The CDMS at Princeton University Press is responsible for developing and executing a cross-departmental, integrated, digital strategy that brings together Press digital advertising (and some print advertising), email and other digital marketing initiatives with publicity, other marketing, and sales strategies.  These initiatives are global and include close collaboration with marketing and sales colleagues in the UK and the Beijing offices and are executed to generate awareness, achieve revenue goals, and build loyalty for the Princeton University Press brand and Press books and authors.


The CDMS will report to the Marketing and Sales Director and will lead the newly formed digital marketing team, a talented group of marketers including Curator of Ideas and Content Partnerships, Social Media Manager, Marketing Data Analyst, and the Advertising Coordinator. The CDMS work with the team to support growth and ensure the team is squarely focused on ROI, KPIs, and direct response metrics and analytics.


The CDMS will partner closely with the Global Promotions Director (GPD) working in concert on all campaigns where the GPD informs on content and the CDMS informs on data and analytics. The CDMS will work collaboratively with partners in the Creative Media Lab especially with the Assistant Creative Director who is responsible for curation of the Press website.


The CDMS will optimize a marketing mix that includes, but is not limited to SEO, display, email, direct media buys (both digital and some print ads), partnerships (particularly with partners like Altmetric), video, podcasts, and web marketing and health.


Partnering with the Copywriting team and the metadata managers, the CDMS will be instrumental in implementing the Press abstracts and keywords strategy.


The CDMS and the digital marketing team will present updates on digital marketing initiatives and outcomes to the Staff at the Press. The team will maintain currency of Press knowledge of digital marketing trends and opportunities and will raise awareness of how to leverage digital technology in marketing and sales initiatives in efforts to build and sustain communities of authors and audiences across genres and disciplines.


Responsibilities include:

  • Champion and foster innovation by introducing new ideas and inspiration to the Press.
  • Improve Press insights through analytics by building a foundation for full funnel reporting, A/B testing, and other test and learn approaches and establish customer segmentation and conversion strategies to generate higher response rates and greater ROI.
  • Implement and continually assess the global digital and print advertising strategy, monitor multiple channels and assess effectiveness of integrated general advertising and programmatic advertising, and create ads that will help to foster grassroots relationships with organizations and associations.
  • Coordinate with Global Promotions Director (GPD) on audience identification and strategy and to align earned and paid media and readership targets.
  • Create a digital marketing strategy for PUP Audio Books.
  • Construct and manage a digital marketing strategy for marketing trade paperbacks.
  • In collaboration with the GPD and the Social Media Manager, evolve the social media strategy across all platforms, establish global growth targets, and create strategy and conversion targets for both paid social media and owned social media.
  • Work closely with Publicists and Promotions Managers (who will be responsible for thinking up content specific social strategies) on book-specific social media campaigns and with the GPD on these as well as cross-channel institutional communications.
  • Work with the Social Media Manager to create goals to grow engagement with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Medium followers and identify and assess new growth channels.
  • Implement an email strategy working with colleagues in Direct Marketing to integrate messaging with the discipline-based campaigns, the conference campaigns, and other grassroots and special sales campaigns. Create aggressive goals to grow our subscriber lists.
  • Identify features and functionality improvements that increase the effectiveness of the website in supporting digital media strategy and effectiveness. Create a digital display strategy that drives engagement with the new Press website.
  • Contribute to marketing plans for books we are competing for.
  • Join select marketing and author planning meeting about digital strategy or if unavailable, share plans with Publicity in advance.
  • Create awareness for the overall Press brand and the individual books converting website visitors to subscribers by deepening the relationship to relevant content.
  • Working in close communication with the GPD, Curator of Ideas, and Associate Director of Sales & Marketing to oversee a shared calendar of integrated marketing programs and promotions across the Marketing team.
  • At least 8 years creating and/or overseeing the creation of marketing messaging and content preferably at a university press or trade publisher.
  • Must have an ability to weave full funnel marketing efforts with a passion for building communities of Press followers, converting website visitors to loyal readers by deepening the relationship with content, and have an ability to train a passionate group of book marketers in the tenets of 21st century marketing.
  • Must have a firm grasp of modern marketing tactics and tools such as KPI metrics tools like UTM parameters for campaign tracking and Google Tag Manager for website tagging as well as a firm grasp of SEO and Google Analytics principles.