Certified Vet Tech (St Pete) $2500 Bonus & Immediate Benefits!
Job Details
SPCA Tampa Bay St. Pete Vet Center - St Petersburg, FL
$18.00 - $20.00

Job Purpose: Provide medical care to client pets under the direction of the St Pete Veterinary Center Veterinarians’ instructions and standard business and medical operating procedures. Serve in one or more assigned nurse roles on designated shift as personal certifications allow.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Essential Functions:

Treatment Nurse

  • Assist Veterinarians with treatment procedures and exams.
  • Complete initial exam work-up, and start the exam process for the veterinarian, including the gathering of pertinent medical and environmental information, based on Veterinary SOP.
  • Perform routine procedures including, micro chipping, vaccinations, wound cleaning, injections and blood sampling.
  • Perform and interpret routine laboratory procedures including skin scrapes, DTMs, ear cytology and microfilaria exams.
  • Complete daily, or as otherwise scheduled:
    1. a. Perform treatments of hospitalized patients, including post-operative medications, and other necessary medical tasks.
  • CVT Treatment Nurses Only – Under direct supervision and with approval of supervising veterinarian
    1. Induce anesthesia and intubate pets.
    2. Perform cystocentesis.
    3. Perform simple extractions.

Surgery Nurse

  • Coordinate daily surgical cases.
  • Perform routine dental cleanings.
  • Administer sedation and anesthesia medications.
  • Intubate and maintain pets on oxygen and/or gas anesthesia.
  • Monitor pets under anesthesia and adjust levels based on evaluation of pet.
  • Log Controlled Drugs per DEA guidelines.
  • Monitor recovery of anesthetized pets.
  • Place animals in the appropriate recovery areas after surgery is completed.
  • Ensure records are updated thoroughly and accurately, with surgery notes, treatments, and data prior to moving to next stage.

All Nurses

  • Provide friendly, responsive and personalized customer service.
  • Keep accurate and updated records and enter data as required into AVIMark software.
  • Assist other medical team employees as needed.
  • Be able to interact with the public and discuss medical issues with clients.
  • Understand and communicate effectively Clinic policy and practice on service provision, medical standards and routine care.
  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment.
  • Participate in required meetings and trainings.
  • Ensure DEA compliance with Controlled Substances (i.e. buprenorphine)
  • Professionally represent SPCA Tampa Bay and the St Pete Veterinary Center at all times.

Nonessential Functions:

· All other duties as assigned.



· CVT Level: Associate’s degree.

Licensure or Certification:

· Valid Florida driver’s license with acceptable driving record.

· Euthanasia Technician Certification preferred, not required.


· Experience in a shelter preferred.

· 5 or more years experience in a veterinary hospital.

Demonstrated Competencies:

· Ability to provide excellent service and care for customers and animals.

· Ability to objectively observe animal behavior.

· Knowledge of animal communications.

· Knowledge of safe and humane animal handling techniques.

· Genuine concern for all animals and their welfare.

· Ability to show compassion for animals and their owners.

· Comprehensive knowledge of humane methods of care, handling, and restraint of animals.

· Ability to recognize changes in condition or behavior as indicators of possible problems.

· Manual dexterity for handling animals, medical instruments and equipment and for completing intricate tasks.

· Ability to work collaboratively and serve as an effective liaison with other departments

· Ability to handle sensitive/confidential information with discretion.

· Working knowledge of standards and practices applicable to animal medical records.

· Working knowledge of AVIMark practice management software and Pet Point shelter software.

· Working knowledge of applicable OSHA and DEA standards and requirements.

· Ability to operate dental, anesthesia and x-ray equipment.

· Ability to operate computer, printer, copier, telephone, fax machine and smartphone.

Physical Demands:

· Moderate physical effort – regularly lifting or moving up to 25 pounds and occasionally up to 50 pounds.

· Walking and prolonged standing.

· Stooping, kneeling, bending and crouching.

· Carrying, pushing and/or pulling.

· Facility operations include areas of high noise levels.

· Exposure to animal feces and potential for scratches and bites.

· Activities require the handling and transporting of pets of all sizes.

· Ability to work flexible hours.


· Reliable transportation.

· Ability to pass required background checks.


By my signature below I indicate that I have received, read and been given the opportunity to ask questions with regard to the contents of this description and expectations for my performance.

It is not possible to detail nor anticipate everything an employee may be required to do, therefore it is understood that my job may require me to perform other duties as assigned which might include, but are not limited to: new duties, duties previously assigned to another position, and assistance to others in completion of their normal duties.

I understand that job descriptions may be revised or altered from time to time at the sole discretion of the SPCA Tampa Bay for any reason.

This job description is not intended to and does not constitute an expressed or implied contract between any individual and the SPCA Tampa Bay. All employment is “at-will.”