Game Rules Specialist
Job Details

The Company:

Asmodee North America (ANA) is part of the Asmodee Group, a global corporation headquartered in France and a worldwide leader in the creation, manufacturing, and distribution of games. Our games tell immersive stories that inspire people to push the boundaries of their imagination and include top-tier titles such as, CATAN, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, and Spot It among others. Our global success has come from our publishing studios and distribution networks where we transform high-potential stories into iconic consumer products. ANA believes in the power of ideas, leads with equality and universality, and strives to empower employees in our overarching effort to consistently create great games and tell amazing stories. We base our success on our three core values both internally and in the wider market; honesty, integrity, and fairness drives everything we do.


Summary of Position

The Game Rules Specialist position is an integral part of FFG’s game design team. The main responsibility for this position is to collaborate across teams to implement and promote quality rules documentation for assigned games.


Job Requirements


  • Collaborate proactively with each game design team, the graphic design team, and the executive game designer to evaluate, develop, and implement the best rules communication approach for all assigned games.
  • Promote high standards for each published studio rules document, considering (based on the needs of the document) its introductory value, its instructional value, and its documentary value.
  • Review rulebooks, rules text, and individual components (cards, reference sheets, and tokens) for new games and expansions, working directly with game designers to make all appropriate adjustments.
  • Develop strong working relationships with studio game designers, adapting to provide the most value possible for each project.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of document formatting and design (layout, typography, and diagram construction).
  • Support studio creatives by advising on the rules writing and communication process and sharing best practices from around the studio.
  • Work with the executive game designer to evaluate and develop new rules communication techniques by both exploring rules and communication advancements within and outside of the hobby games industry as well as innovating new approaches of our own.
  • Nurture a clear and effective baseline rules communication process that can adapt as needed to the specific requirements of any given game. Advise on process adjustments as needed, both at a studio level and per-project.
  • Mentor and train game designers and graphic designers in FFG’s rules documentation techniques and processes.
  • Participate in playtests with each game’s design team with the goal of understanding that game for the purpose of developing effective communication of its rules.
  • Provide proofreading, technical editing, and instructional review as needed.
  • Contribute to rules writing as needed.
  • All other assignments as required by management. 



  • Three or more years active experience with hobby games, i.e. playtesting, publishing, reviewing, editing, judging, and/or demoing.
  • Technical editing or proofreading experience preferred.


Minimum Qualifications


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong organizational and multitasking skills.
  • Able to self-motivate and work independently on projects.
  • Able to adapt to the needs of multiple unique projects.
  • Able to productively collaborate with creatives.
  • Must be able to take constructive criticism and incorporate feedback into daily work. 
  • Possess technical command of written English.
  • Proficiency in word processing programs (e.g., MS Word).