Design Engineer - Snowboard Boots
Job Details
Des Moines DC_ARC - Des Moines, WA

The snowboard boot design engineer is the catch all for anything that has to do with making of our snowboard boots. The position is managing the process from inception of new boot designs all the way through production readiness as well as sales force and retail education.


Essential Job Duties:

  • Snowboard
    • Keep in tune with the product needs and industry direction in footwear to keep the snowboard boot product relevant in the marketplace.
    • Conduct on snow testing to evaluate current and new product.
  • Project Management
    • Keep the product, designs and samples on a proper timeline to hit the applicable gate meetings and sample deadlines to get input and approval from the global markets.
  • Design
    • Work with internal teams and manage outside designers to develop all the new aspects of boot line.
    • Develop new patterns, outsole and lacing designs in the line where we need to improve our position in the market.
  • Innovation
    • Work with the global markets and manager to identify industry and line positions where new ideas can be launched
    • Develop and prototype new designs that give competitive advantage at meaningful price points or give us the ability to reach new market opportunities.
  • Quality
    • Receives feedback from the markets and work with the factory to make improvement plans to resolve the issues through process, qc and design changes.
    • Sets up, manages and filters lab and on snow testing to prove out new designs and improve on current and future designs
  • Travel
    • Travel to the factory to work on new development, quality and production readiness
    • Travel to tradeshows to work get feedback from retail partners and to evaluate industry innovations and direction.
    • Travel to sales meetings to impart product knowledge to the sales force.
  • Costing
    • Develop new cost saving designs
    • Manage cost sheets from the factories and review to find mistakes or additional cost saving opportunities to hit the targeted prices for each Color SKU.
  • Delivery
    • Manage the development schedule to keep on track for hitting the major Delivery milestones of Photo-Samples, Sample/Demo and Production.
    • Work with manager and the planning team to identify boots that are high, medium and low risk to build a factory production plan that is achievable and provides production to the markets to meet their sales needs.
    • Manage the factories and the ATC staff with the buyoff schedule so that all new designs are approved for production when the applicable orders are sent by planning to the factory so there is no factory ordering delay.
  • Education
    • Work on descriptions and stories with the Marketing team for catalog and make visual aids to communicate the important features in the snowboard boot line. Communicate to the sales force and retail partners at sales meetings, trade shows and retail events.
  • Communication
    • Communicate Ideas and concepts effectively with the boot factory, global team, in-house, testers, vendors, retailers.
    • Accurately communicate through team meetings, virtual meetings, email and calls to progress the understanding and development of the boot line.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or Industrial Design
  • Proficient Snowboarder
  • Proficient in Microsoft suite (Excel)
  • 3d modeling familiarity

Must be able to travel frequently. At a minimum, must be able to take the following trips:

  • Trade Show and On Snow Demo (1-2 weeks in January)
  • Development On-Site Factory Support (3-4 two-week trips)
  • Sales Meetings (1 week as necessary)
  • Testing Travel (1-2 weeks throughout year as necessary)


Desirable Qualifications:

  • Snowboard Shop or Industry Experience 2-4 years
  • Previous Footwear Experience 3-5 years
  • Background in Biomechanics
  • Project Management Experience 3-5 years
  • Expertise in Adobe Products
  • 3D Modeling experience (rhino, solidworks, creo…)


Please submit your cover letter, resume. A design portfolio is highly recommended for consideration.