Medical Intake Coordinator
Job Details
Fresno - Fresno, CA
Full Time
High School
Customer Service

Job Description

SleepQuest, Inc. is a rapidly expanding National Health Services Company focused on Sleep Related Breathing Disorders. We have provided sleep care services for over 25 years with a comprehensive "continuum of care" that includes home sleep testing (HST) and CPAP treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). We are currently seeking Intake Coordinators to join our dynamic and fast-growing San Carlos team.

Intake Coordinator responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

The intake of all referrals for Diagnostic Sleep Studies, Unattended Titration Studies, PAP, and new Supply patients up to Gate 10/11.

Receive all fax documentation for all 5 PSCs & VirtualCare

Re-distribute non-referral and ongoing supply referral information to appropriate staff via email

Enter all new patients into Brightree the day received

o Accurately enter all patient demographics

o Select appropriate Branch based on incoming fax number

o Start notes for type of Referral

o Call patient to inform them of the referral from their physician and gather any missing patient information

Determine completeness of documentation

o Ensure prescription has all necessary elements

o Confirm all pages of the required documentation have been received

o Confirm the patient meets their insurance companys medical policy for the service or DME being ordered

o If any documents are missing or additional information is needed, the Intake Coordinator will contact the referring MDs office and/or the patient to obtain the records

Enter all new Sales Orders into Brightree

o Select appropriate WIP and Classification state

o Add appropriate items to the Sales Order

o Assign to Gate 5 or 10/11 depending on completeness of documents

Answer phone calls from patients and answer questions regarding the referral process and status updates

Respond to patient email inquiries

- High School Diploma

- Minimum 1 Year Intake Experience

- Minimum 1 Year Eligibility and Benefits Experience