Public Safety Detective - Open until Filled
Job Details
Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe - Kingston, WA
Full Time
Certification - Required
Road Warrior

Job Summary:

The mission of the Port Gamble SKlallam Tribal Department of Public Safety is to protect life and property, maintain order, investigate crimes, enforce all applicable laws and ordinances, protect natural resources, investigate violations, arrest and issue citations on violators within the boundaries of the Port Gamble SKlallam Reservation and within the boundaries of the Point No Point Treaty Area.


Duties Include:

  • Authority: Enforces all applicable laws and ordinances specified in the Port Gamble SKlallam Tribal Code.
  • Analysis: Receives information from the Public Safety Sergeant, Deputy Chief or Director of Public Safety, Fish and Game Officers, Police Officers, Informants, Community Members, Tribal Court Staff, and other agencies. Evaluates information and investigates reported violations, makes recommendations where appropriate action is needed to prevent violations, apprehend violators, or other action.
  • Equipment: Operate emergency vehicles in all weather conditions, day or night. Use radio, cell phone, and other communication related equipment. Uses firearms as authorized by the department and participates in firearm qualifications and certifications described in the department policy manual, uses equipment authorized by the department for restraint of violators either electronic or chemical, prepares written reports and documents required using a computer, and operates various types of office equipment. Safeguards department equipment from damage or theft.
  • Image: Commands the confidence and respect of the community, staff, and others. Displays professional conduct, obey applicable laws and comply with policy and procedures, maintain a clean and neat appearance, and demonstrate overall conduct on and off duty in a manner that presents a positive role model.
  • Integrity: Maintains the highest standard of ethical conduct, confidentiality of all department related information, and strictly follows and enforces the chain of command.
  • Interpersonal Relations: Develops and maintains effective and positive working relationships with community members, department staff, tribal staff, and staff from other agencies and organizations. Interacts with the community members and others in a manner that is respectful and culturally sensitive.
  • Judgment: Ensures sound decisions by acting on the basis of training, reliable information, extensive knowledge of the applicable Tribal Laws and Ordinances, Department procedures and policies, information received from the Tribal Court and other departments. Manages crises by following established procedures and addresses unanticipated developments by accessing appropriate resources.
  • Sensitivity: Contributes towards community development and positive community relations by being aware and considerate of the needs and feelings of others.
  • Stress Tolerance: Maintains a high level of performance maintaining stability under varied demands and circumstances, crises, opposition and hostility.
  • Verbal Skills: Expresses self clearly and effectively when talking with individuals and groups. Ensures the timely and accurate communication of issues to the Public Safety Sergeant, Deputy Chief, Director of Public Safety, Tribal Court, and community members as well as other tribal staff and other agencies and organizations.
  • Work Standards: Ensures the safe and successful accomplishment of department and personal performance objectives by observing high standards of conduct that result in peaceful, procedurally correct arrests, criminal investigations, proper record maintenance, and peacekeeping.
  • Writing Skills: Ensures timely and accurate complaint documentation as required by department policy and the Tribal Court. Uses effective written communication skills to inform and document incidents.
  • Case Investigations: Uses investigative techniques and equipment per department policies to process, research, document and solve cases involving violations of all applicable laws and ordinances, fishing, hunting and forest violations, and other assigned cases. Interview victims, obtain video and written statements, obtain photographs of injuries and assist victim with obtaining victim services through ICW, Adult Protection or Domestic Violence and Victims Advocate. Conduct Suspect interviews and interrogations with proper rights notifications. Develop informants on suspected criminal activity such as but not limited to narcotics activity, identify suspected residence or individuals for ongoing criminal activity, build up probable cause for search warrants / arrest warrants, conduct control buys with proper protocol and safety measures.
  • Case Management: Manage an investigative case load, reviewing reports, conducting follow ups, coordinate with patrol officers, ICW, Adult Protection Services, Domestic Violence and Victims advocate, and Probation to make sure all follow ups and cases are completed.
  • Crime Scene Management: Take control of crime scenes, process crime scenes, photograph and collect evidence, use advance techniques to render evidence.
  • Court Appearance: Appears and provides testimony in Tribal Court, State Court and Federal Court.
  • Emergency Response: Responds to medical emergencies and fire responses when requested, to calls for Public Safety services when requested, to support and back up any public safety officer when needed, performs First Aid/CPR when necessary, and to emergency calls located within the waterways of the Tribe. Responds to calls for emergency assistance by outside agencies when requested.
  • Meetings: Attends all meetings, community functions, seminars etc as directed. Coordinate ongoing meetings with Indian Child Welfare, Social Services, Adult Protection, Probation, and Domestic Violence and Victims Advocate.
  • Patrol: Patrol is not the primary function of the detective however in a small department, patrol may be a requirement from time to time within the exterior boundaries of the Port Gamble SKlallam Tribe.
  • Training: Detective position requires continual advanced training as designated from time to time. Training designated may involve travel and periods away from the reservation.
  • Other Duties as Assigned: May be required to perform designated duties outside job description.



  • Education: High School Diploma, or GED.
  • Basic Law Enforcement Certification: Must have successfully completed the Basic Law Enforcement Academy sponsored by the Washington State Training Commission, or the Bureau of Indian Affairs, or complete the Washington State Training Commission Equivalency Course or complete Basic certifications prior to being considered for this position.
  • Training and Experience: Must have a minimum of 5 years experience in law enforcement, preferred prior experience as a detective.
  • Basic Detective Investigator Course: Must attend a Basic Detective Investigator Course within one year of hire.



  • Background Investigation: Must have successfully passed a criminal background investigation, must have no felony convictions, must have no violations of Domestic Violence, must have no misdemeanor convictions within the past three (3) years, must not have been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude, or convicted of any crime that would compromise the integrity or credibility of the officer. Must successfully complete a psychological and polygraph examination.
  • First Aid/CPR Certification: Must be currently certified in Basic First Aid and CPR or become certified within thirty (30) days of appointment.
  • On Call Response: Must reside within close proximity to the Port Gamble SKlallam Reservation and be able to respond within twenty (20) minutes if called back to duty.
  • Personal Computer Skills: Basic personal computer skills are required as well as the ability to learn word processing, spreadsheet and other software used by the department.
  • Drug Testing: The Port Gamble SKlallam Tribe is a Drug Free Workplace environment. Must participate in a pre-screen drug test of either urine or hair follicle.
  • United States Citizen
  • Valid Washington State Drivers License.


Travel Requirements:

  • Local, Statewide and out of state travel may be required.
Closing Date

Closes Thursday July 8th, 2021 at 4:30pm.

Some items listed are required at the time of application and some items are required at the time of hire. COVID-19 Immunization is required for all employees.
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