Jrny Level Support (Maintenance Apprentice)
Job Details
WA - Longview, WA
Full Time
High School Diploma or GED equivalent
General Labor
Job Overview


NORPAC Maintenance                                                               

From its world-class manufacturing facility in Longview WA., NORPAC delivers a broad range of high-quality papers to customers across the United States and around the world. NORPAC makes high-quality and environmentally conscious copy paper and printing paper grades.


NORPAC is looking for a Maintenance Apprentice


Job Duties & Qualifications

General Requirements Include:

  • demonstrated ability to work safely and comply with safety procedures
  • excellent team and communication skills
  • ability to work with and without direct supervision
  • strong interest in learning other crafts
  • basic computer skills
  • willingness to work in a hot, humid and noisy environment


Program Requirements:

For this position, you must be committed to meeting the requirements of this program.

8000 0n the job training (OJT) hours are required for completion of this program.

  • Program will consist of four levels of training, each requiring 2000 hours of OJT as well as required course work be completed before advancing to next level.


  • The program will utilize Lower Columbia College for some course work. These classes will be taken after normal working hours on employee’s unpaid personal time. 100% of the cost of these classes and books will be reimbursed after submitting a passing grade to the program administrator. If an employee has already taken required classes within the last two years prior to being selected and can produce proof of a passing grade the program administrator may elect to give credit for this course work. (No reimbursement will be provided for course work completed prior to selection.)


  • Additional in house training manuals may be assigned for completion as the program administrator reviews curriculum.


  • The expectation is that the candidate will log OJT hours and record them with the program administrator monthly as well as complete tasks from the training task list over the course of the first year with Journeyman signatures verifying completion.
  • The pay scale will begin at Maintenance Helper rate. (Currently $28.06/hr.) During the 8000 Journey level hours a final in house welding and electrical exam will be given. Upon passing these exams the remaining wage will be applied to the level of Senior Maintenance Technician. Current wages for this role are as follows:
    • Maintenance Helper (2000 Hrs.) $28.06
    • Junior                        (2000 Hrs.)$31.67
    • Intermediate              (2000 Hrs.)$35.28
    • Journeyman              (2000 Hrs.)$38.89


  • Senior Maintenance Technician: Currently $42.50/hr


NORPAC Offers a competitive benefit package.