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LTS Key Account Manager - Distributor Business Unit

Job Details

GR - Grand Rapids, MI
Full Time


Principal duty

The Key Account Manager Lifetime Services maintains close contact with his accounts, is familiar with their sites (whether already installed or currently being implemented), and has a good overview of all other matters regarding the accounts' business relationship with TGW. Therefore, the Key Account Manager Lifetime Services is TGW's representative for the accounts, and the accounts' agent within the TGW organisation. The accounts are in the following customer segments: strategic partners, partners, direct customers

Contribution to corporate success

  • Active representation of the TGW brand and therefore of the TGW values towards the assigned accounts.
  • Identification and operation of service needs on the sites of the assigned accounts.
  • Accomplishment of a high service level by understanding the customers' needs, proactive actions and the development or coordination of a customer-oriented solution.
  • Continuously growing order intakes at constantly high relative contribution margins, generated with the assigned accounts.
  • Concentration of power on key accounts, consequently fostering the customer-oriented actions (contemplating all the customer's needs).
  • Cross-departmental collaboration (in his own unit as well as with other divisions in the TGW world) 

Measures of success

  • The Key Account Manager Lifetime Services knows all relevant contacts of the assigned accounts personally, and has established a good business relationship with them.
  • The Key Account Manager identifies added value potentials and uses them optimally (win-win situation for the customer and TGW). This becomes recognisable and measurable by understanding any customer requirement and the resulting individual solution.
  • Employees of the assigned accounts direct all unaddressed after-sales concerns to the Key Account Manager Lifetime Services. All processes for which TGW desires direct contact between other departments and the customer are known to the customer; the Key Account Manager ensures that these are fulfilled by both TGW and the customer.
  • The Key Account Manager recognises process gaps and potential for improvement in all customer service processes and makes improvements proactively in collaboration with the Head of Sales Lifetime Services Distributor Business Unit.
  • Compilation of the optimal service portfolio for the customer; this portfolio yields steady increases in order intake and the absolute contribution margin.
  • The availability of installed systems of the assigned accounts is continuously high, as the spare parts supplies, the maintenance state and level of education of the local maintenance teams on the sites assure ideal operations.
  • Cost-consciousness in planning and doing business trips.
  • Naming and filing of digital documents in a uniform manner as well as in accordance with the department policies, so that a smooth handover or substitution is ensured.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Identify the needs and requirements of the assigned accounts as well as perform an active communication inside the company.
  • Have a permanent overview of the ongoing matters of the assigned accounts with TGW. Be the mouthpiece to the accounts and the account's agent within the TGW organisation.
  • Coordinate all interests and concerns of the assigned accounts within the TGW organisation, including:
  • an overview of upcoming needs on the assigned accounts' installed sites (spare parts, maintenance, training, retrofit) as well as a proactive presentation of corresponding offers,
  • the knowledge of relevant new projects in the sales organisation related to the assigned accounts as well as the proactive contribution of customised service offers at optimum cost in terms of lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the system operator,
  • an overview of relevant complaint issues as well as the ability to provide the assigned accounts with a professional and in-depth status update in this regard, and
  • the coordination of any repair, maintenance and training assignments that may be required at the sites of the assigned accounts in due time.
  • Contemplate the accounts' after-sales value-added chain and the value-added chain of TGW as a unit, and optimise the applied processes with the aim of increasing the customers' and TGW's benefit (productivity).
  • In case of partner accounts, identify and establish the respective account in coordination with the Head of Sales Lifetime Services Distributor Business Unit.
  • Check external documents.
  • Complete documentation of all business matters with the assigned accounts in DOXiS Project and Customer Records in consistent form (filing location, file names,).


  • Profound technical knowledge of TGW Mechanics' product range.
  • Basic knowledge of material handling processes and understanding of material flows at TGW sites.
  • Knowledge and overview of all Lifetime Services processes including the pertinent IT-related systems as well as interfaces to upstream value-added processes.
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and basic business administration know-how.
  • The ability to coordinate and sometimes delegate a great number of different tasks.
  • A high degree of customer orientation, as well as the ability to deal with conflict.
  • In case of partner accounts, basic knowledge of contract and warranty law.
  • Confident dealing with business etiquette.
  • Willingness to travel at least 20% of the time to maintain customer relationships and personal contacts.
  • Command of English: B2 or higher CEFR level for partner accounts,