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Summer Assistant Camp Director (Inwood)

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Legal Address 0TW50 - New York, NY
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Be Part of Our Movement to Inspire the Next Generation.

Become an Summer camp staff member and help us change the way kids play! At Kids in the Game, you’ll be part of a network of 200+ coaches who are working with kids from early childhood and up, providing sports and skill development, and making a positive impact in their lives.



Kids in the Game is dedicated to providing positive opportunities and experiences through sports and creative play. Every summer, we serve over a thousand NYC children through our summer day camps, which combine sports instruction with creative movement, arts and STEM enrichment, field trips, swimming, and more. We're committed to being the best part of every kid's summer! Our team is a youthful bunch and we want to make sure every summer is filled with happiness, relationship building, safe spaces to be yourself and most importantly FUN!


Our work is focused on achieving five ultimate impacts:

  • Enhancing emotional intelligence
  • Creating a positive sense of self
  • Community Building
  • Narrowing the income inequality gaps


Kids in the Game is a Certified B Corporation and we’re committed to doing business for good. We are striving every day to have a positive impact in the lives of our youth, and we believe that it all starts with being the best part of their day.



Assistant Camp Directors will provide a unique, energized, and positive environment at summer camp to create a memorable and safe experience for all kids! You will support your lead Camp Director in several aspects of camp management, and be supported by a team of assistant directors, division leaders, specialists, and counselors. Will you be communicating with parents, preparing camp newsletters, or answering a million little questions for young, inquisitive minds? Absolutely. You will also be a role model for our camp staff, training them in the skills they need to be successful in their camp roles and future careers. There’s no more fulfilling feeling than that!



At Kids in the Game, we strive to be the best part of every kid’s day! As an Assistant Camp Director, you’ll be helping to make that a reality by supporting your lead Camp Director on all day to day operations of camp and being a strong leader to your team. During the camp day, you’ll be immersed in almost all aspects of camp from leading morning rallies to supervising daily activities and helping with drop off and pick up routines. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to participate in company wide staff events where you can mingle with staff from all of our camp locations across the city, hang-out, and unwind after a day in the sun! As an Assistant Camp Director, you can expect to:

  • Support your Camp Director during the offseason to coordinate camp logistics with key departments (e.g. Marketing, Operations, People & Culture, Program Management, Community & Impact).
  • Attend pre-camp orientations hosted by the Department of Healthy and Kids in the Game staff, and help to structure and coordinate training for your camp staff before and during camp.
  • Help to assign staff to camp groups, assess their ability to work with different age groups, offer regular feedback to continuously improve staff performance, and administer staff evaluations twice per summer.
  • Keep staff personnel files up-to-date and compliant with Department of Health regulations, and ensure that staff certifications are valid and on-site at all times.
  • Communicate with your team regarding camper needs, enrollment and more
  • Notify parents/guardians of children about session dates, camp trips, theme days and schedule changes well in advance, and remain accessible to parents throughout the summer.
  • Coordinate with your Assistant Directors to ensure that all program equipment and supplies are ordered, available and properly maintained during the summer.
  • Support in maintaining and enforcing all camp safety rules and policies; recognize, prevent and correct safety hazards; monitor the health and safety of all campers and staff.
  • Act as a key player in problem solving staff/camper issues and parental concerns; be able to identify camper behavior issues and respond with corrective steps.



  • We are a youthful, passionate, committed team of individuals that care about our youth and city
  • We are committed to developing innovative, creative programs that promote creative play and sports skill development
  • We work hard and push each other personally and professionally to keep growing
  • We offer you the freedom to reach new parts of NYC while working in diverse communities
  • We are an active team and regularly participate in company social leagues, team-building activities, and sporting events



At Kids in the Game, you can expect to be welcomed into an engaging and spirited environment that emphasizes the importance of teamwork, open communication, and collaboration. We are proud to foster an inclusive environment where our team members feel respected by and connected to one another. We value the unique experiences, perspectives, and passions of our employees, and we look forward to adding dynamic personalities to our team.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We are committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment for all of our interns and employees. We recruit candidates from across the city, state, and country, from all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. We have developed partnerships with organizations that allow us to target our hiring practices to include chronically discriminated against or low-income groups, and improve their access to high-quality employment opportunities.


Compensation Range:

Summer Salary Range for 8 weeks of camp (without Pre-Summer Stipend) - $6,400 to $7,200

Pre Summer Work commitments are expected from March to the start of camp - up to an additional $800 for pre summer work



  • Pre Summer Camp Expectations: May to end of June - 10 to 15 hours per week supporting pre camp efforts
  • Summer Camp Dates: Late June– August 2023 (8 weeks); Monday – Friday (7:00a – 5:30p)
  • Locations Available:
    • Inwood - 108 Cooper St, New York, NY 10034
    • Riverdale - 5521 Mosholu Ave, Bronx, NY 10471



  • You are a dedicated and committed individual who knows the importance of the camp experience
  • You are committed to helping kids build self-esteem and confidence through sports and creative play
  • You are someone who will go the extra mile to make a child smile, inspire them to embrace new experiences, and encourage healthy, active lifestyles.
  • You are excited about interacting with others and supporting the growth of our team
  • You are able to think creatively and problem solve, even under high pressure situation
  • You communicate effectively with others plus you are able to receive and give feedback constructively
  • You are empathetic towards all stakeholders at camp - parents, staff, campers, and vendors
  • You are looking to grow as a leader and help others become leaders

Job Requirements:

Our ideal candidate would meet some or all of the following qualifications:

  • Must have completed a physical exam and TB test within one year of the camp dates, pass NYS and national background checks, and be CPR, First Aid, and AED certified.
  • Possess 2+ years of experience managing day camp or sleepaway camps with at least 60 campers.
  • Be able to establish and maintain strong working relationships with fellow employees, participants, parents, and caregivers.
  • Communicate in a timely and professional fashion with parents, caregivers, kids and staff across organization-wide communication channels (Slack, Email, Text, Google Calendar, etc.) and be able to interpret and understand both written and oral instructions.
  • Attend and help lead mandatory Core Trainings and all-staff team buildings, before and during the camp season.
  • Commit to working on an hourly basis during the school year to support camp planning efforts and commit to working eight weeks during the summer.
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