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Job Details

GR - Grand Rapids, MI
Full Time


Principal Duty

Sr. Application Engineers are responsible for the technical application of TGW equipment and third-party equipment during the quotation phase of a project. The Sr. AE is also responsible to guide the technical solution of a quotation while considering; the quotation and project schedule, budget, technical feasibility, and optimization of the total system, cost, and customer-specific needs. A large role that Sr. AEs perform is coaching and mentoring less experienced AEs in systems design, equipment speciation, proper procedures, and documentation within the AE role.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Make use of acquired skills in the engineering of material handling systems through the correct selection of TGW equipment, and/or other available manufactured equipment to successfully meet quotation requirements, i.e. rates, sortation equipment, pneumatics, drawings etc.
  2. Analyzes customer specifications; concepts material handling systems; prepares technical content of proposals such as schedules, equipment lists, drawings, specification clarification, and pricing. If required, participates in a presentation to the customer.
  3. Capable of performing horizontal conveyor system design projects
  4. Capable of performing vertical system design projects
  5. Analyze customer data as directed by the manager or system architects
  6. Participate actively with system architects and sales associates to develop effective sales strategies; frequently responsible for the implementation of these strategies
  7. Provide proper engineering to support and develop proposals and presentations, while achieving TGW's profit objectives and meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations.
  8. Conduct equipment design reviews
  9. Participate and/or assist in areas of concepting, written communications & total system pricing.
  10. Function with minimum supervision and a wide variety of demonstrated skills in the engineering of material handling systems, as well as deciding on proper equipment applications.
  11. Work on staying current with the latest in materials handling technology to keep our Company positioned as a leader in the material handling industry.
  12. Work to develop skills and cost reduction methods in the areas of proposal preparation and new equipment application or design.
  13. Train other associates in the areas of material handling applications and company policies and procedures.

Requirements Profile

  1. Bachelor's degree or 5+ years of material handling system design experience
  2. Advanced abilities in MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint
  3. Experience in MS Project, AutoCAD
  4. Understanding of Material Handling industry terms and processes.
  5. Domestically 15%, international (same as AE) with short-term notice

TGW is an Equal Opportunity Employer.