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Child Protection Policy Background Check and Form

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Methodist University Location - Fayetteville, NC


Methodist University ("the University") is committed to maintaining a supportive and safe environment, one which seeks to enhance the well-being of all members and visitors within its community. Within that commitment, the University places importance on creating a secure environment for children and has adopted the Child Protection Policy and procedures.


To work in any position requiring interaction with children, Methodist University personnel must complete Child Protection Policy training annually. Please contact your Child Protection Policy Designated Leader to satisfy this requirement.

In addition, anyone who will interact with underage children on the University’s campus, on property owned or leased by the University, or while University personnel are participating in a University connected activity off campus must have an annual background check completed and certify that they have read and understood the Child Protection Policy.

To satisfy this requirement, select the “Apply” button below.

You will not be cleared to proceed with any program involving underage children until your verification of completion of your background check and certification of understanding is sent to your Camp Director or Child Protection Policy Designated Leader.

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