Human Resources Recruitment Specialist

Posting date: Tuesday, February 13, 2020

Open Until Filled


Interested applicants should apply online at

A complete application consists of the following items:


  • Completed application
  • Professional and Peer References
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Educational Verification
  • Current Certification


Questions on how to apply:

Nikki Berry MHROD, PHR

Human Resources Manager

            Address: 1850 Spring Ridge Drive

            (w) 530-251-1517

            (m) 916-508-6717



Northeastern Rural Health Clinics is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

Position Summary

The Recruiting Specialist position is responsible for aspects of the recruitment, onboarding and orientation lifecycle including employee engagement for Northeastern Rural Health Clinics.  This is a highly skilled role within our organization and is responsible for ensuring the applicant into employee transitions smoothly.  


This position will assist with the overall successful strategy for the recruitment lifecycle process to ensure time to fill positions are reasonably met.  This position must have an advanced understanding of the process and steps to ensure multiple variables are met as this is a fluid area for compliance, following the law and ensuring healthy outcomes.  There is research and analysis components to seek resolutions and locate areas of development for details to ensure Northeastern Rural Health Clinics is considered an employer of choice.  An understanding of both federal and state laws including legislative changes are vital to fulfilling the responsibilities within this role.  This confidential role is an important position within the department and will bridge all sides of the organization including the public we serve.


Attention to building trust in the community and the population we serve along with the Human Resources team is paramount.  Focus on credentialing providers tailoring to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC).  This Human Resources Recruitment Specialist position reports directly to the leader in Human Resources.  



  • Knowledge and understanding of the recruitment process
  • Knowledge of onboarding
  • Knowledge of federally qualified health centers
  • Knowledge of drive, integrity, professionalism, and discretion
  • Knowledge of negotiations
  • Knowledge of legislative process and laws affecting employment 
  • Knowledge of attention to detail
  • Knowledge of setting priorities
  • Knowledge of confidentiality 
  • Knowledge of rural settings
  • Knowledge of clinical and administrative functions
  • Skills in checking information
  • Skills in using a laptop
  • Skills in compliance for orientation
  • Skills in adapting to a large workload
  • Skills in solving situations 
  • Skills in managing challenging processes
  • Skills in finding solutions to challenging areas with various factors
  • Skills in keeping leader informed with accurate up-to-date information
  • Skills in verbal and written communication including, letters, memos and emails
  • Skills in reading contracts and other documents to interpret the meaning
  • Skills in partnering with nearby clinics and colleagues within the Human Resources arena
  • Skills in the setting of processes
  • Skills in assertiveness
  • Skills in partnering with other entities to ensure successful experience
  • Skills in emotional intelligence
  • Skills in active listening
  • Skills in strong customer service, communication, time management and organizational skills required
  • Skills in strong computer skills, including awareness of social media trends for recruitment and hiring
  • Ability to organize and prioritize work and manage multiple priorities  
  • Ability to research and analyze data, metrics, and reporting
  • Ability to work independently with and without supervision
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with providers, management, staff, and contacts outside the organization
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, database software) and internet resources 
  • Ability to work with speed, grace, and finesse
  • Ability to calendar
  • Ability to work with a leader with high drive and dedication
  • Ability to manage up
  • Ability to be tolerant
  • Ability to find solutions
  • Ability to be loyal
  • Ability to present well
  • Ability to study and apply concepts to process
  • Ability to use on-line applications and databases
  • Ability to build trust


Duties and Responsibilities

Prepares and implement parts of the recruitment process


Completes assignments for the onboarding and orientation process


Maintains recruitment files


Assists with communication and documentation


Assists with advertising, job posting, and description process


Assists with the scheduling interviews


Attends and participates in college job fairs, offsite hiring events, networking events, including evening and overnight travel, meetings, and related activities

Assists in engaging and retaining the talent needed to meet our mission, vision, and values.  Must have the ability to share in the organizational and departmental mission with applicants to attract and retain the quality of employee needed to fulfill our mission to the individuals served


Participates with sourcing strategies


Assists in ensuring the 8-week training model is successfully followed, completed, and verified for each employee


Track and analyze the effectiveness of different recruiting strategies to allow for continuous improvement


A true team player who is willing and excited to contribute to our teams’ and organization’s success


Work with the Human Resources team on recruiting, retention, and training efforts to help attract and retain needed talent


Provide excellent customer service to applicants


Be aware of technological advances to develop relevant and current strategies


Will be proactive and take initiative to help find talent and bridge to foster employees to stay


May assist with stay meetings, focus groups, retention interviews, etc.


Conduct employee verification of employment


Conduct and ensure all required background, educational, and licensure checks are done per applicant. Ensure that anyone offered a position meets all agency, state and federal requirements


Tracks license and certification expiration dates for all employees to ensure timely renewals


Avoid legal challenges by understanding current legislation and following federal, state, accreditation, and regulations, requirements and policies


Update job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities, reading professional publications, maintaining personal networks and participating in professional organizations


Work with volunteers and students to ensure a consistent process


Work with Human Resources team to meet needed requirements and problem solve for continuous improvement efforts in all areas of Human Resources


Processes applications for hire


Checks OIG records for providers, certifications, and licensure for employees


Maintains appointment files, helps to prepare for interviews and information in the databases, etc.


Audits information to ensure all necessary information is provided and correct


Maintains confidentiality of provider information and other sensitive information


Verifies employees in state and federal systems on a regular basis


Plays an important role for on-boarding process


Calendars arrivals and departures and ongoing reports, deadlines, and communications


Provide monthly reports to Human Resources including status and timelines


Tracks accomplishments and participates in goals and objectives


Researches information for reimbursement for signing bonus and relocation, and assists with compiling data in relevant areas 


Assists with arrangements for Locum, providing temporary coverage


Participates in reports, tracking information, and gathering data for analytical purposes


May provide training and mentoring


Maintains certification


Responsive to supervisory feedback, utilizing constructive criticism in a positive manner 


Maintains open communication and observes chain of command


Works well with peers and other employees as a team player

Sensitive to customer service issues, displaying a positive attitude to providers, colleagues, patients, co-workers, and the organization as a whole


Maintains strict confidentiality.  Does not disclose confidential information regarding anyone, co-workers, or the organization to unauthorized individuals in or out of the organization


Models appropriate conduct.  Observes the dress code for appearance and grooming standards


Must maintain confidentiality relating to NRHC personnel, patients, and information which could result in proprietary damage to NRHC


Maintains HIPAA compliance, at all times


Adheres to company policies


Performs other duties as assigned, demonstrating flexibility and willingness to do extra work as needed

Experience and Education
  • Associates degree in Business Administration, Public Health, Statistics, Science, Communication, Human Resources, Organizational Development or a related field
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred 
  • Two to five years of relevant work experience may be considered on a year for year bases towards the educational requirements
    • Must be proficient working in databases
    • Skilled in working for and in an advance department wherein high levels of intelligence are required
    • Active listening, business acumen, interpersonal relationships, and managing priorities and people
    • Understanding how to follow legislative changes and laws, policies, rules, and process
    • Certification for Human Resources is a requirement within three years in this role and will be paid for by NRHC and will be maintained through continuing education thereafter