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Camp Winona - Hughesville, MD

Camp Winona is an ALL girls, Girl Scout camp located in southern Maryland, serving campers from 1st through 7th grade. We offer a variety of programming that includes kayaking, swimming, performing arts, nature, animals, science, archery, and some outdoor skills. Our staff team is made up of people from all over the USA and the world (England, Poland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand… and the list goes on!). They are caring and compassionate people who can see a spark in a camper and encourage her to pursue her talents and dreams. We are looking for staff that can fill our campers with self-esteem and confidence so they are stronger and more courageous when they leave camp.


Since we are a residential, sleep-away camp, our camp staff live on the property during the summer season. This varies by position, but the majority of staff will work from early-to-mid June until mid-August (Some will start earlier in June)A video about Camp Winona can be found here:



Essential Information about Working at Camp Winona

  • We are a Girl Scout Camp! All of our campers are girls, although many are not Girl Scouts; on average, we see 140 campers each week, ages 5 to 17
  • Camp Winona is a traditional, outdoorsy, rustic camp. Each living unit at Camp Winona will house approximately 20 campers and 4 staff members; staff will share one cabin in each living unit.
  • Each living unit has an outdoor bathroom, running water, a shelter with picnic tables, and no electricity.
  • Programs run from Sunday to Friday each week. All staff will be expected to work on some Saturdays. Once campers arrive (June 21) staff will have two hours off each day, one evening off each week, and 24 hours off each weekend.
  • There is one computer available for staff. 


Girl Scout Nation's Capital sleepaway camps follow federal, state, and local guidelines regarding Covid-19. For more information on our Covid-19 policy, please visit



There's no shortage of positions available at Camp Winona this summer! We have opportunities available for individuals of all experience levels. Please see the list below for a short description of all of the opportunities available at Camp Winona in Summer 2021:


Red indicates positions which require staff to be age 21 or older.


Assistant Camp Director 

Assists in training, supervision, guidance and leadership of all unit staff with regard to unit program. Assists the Camp Director with administrative tasks.  21+, current driver's license.


Program Director
Coordinates and supervises unit schedules, all-camp programs, and program specialists. Coordinates supplies and resources for specialty programs and areas.  21+, current driver's license

Arts and Crafts Specialist 
Plans and implements the arts and crafts program. Provides resource materials and support for the unit staff. Assists with unit programming in the evening. 


Arts and Crafts Manager 

Position is available at May Flather to oversee multiple specialists.  Manager position: 21+, current driver's license.


Nature/Science Specialist  
Plans and implements the nature program. Provides resource materials and support for the unit staff. Assists with unit programming in the evening.


Program Specialist 
Plans and implements a variety of activities for unit staff. Activities may include initiative games, archery, camping skills, etc. Provides resource materials and support for the unit staff. Assists with unit programming in the evening.


Support Director 
Coordinates all business operations of camp. Manages purchasing and record keeping and submits paperwork weekly. Oversees office operations including phone, mail, and office supplies. 21+, current driver's license.


Office Coordinator 
Oversees office operations including phone, mail, and office supplies.  Prefer 21+.


Communications Specialist 
The Communications Specialist is responsible for photographing campers and staff throughout each camp day, uploading the photographs to our Camp Community site. The Communications Specialist is not involved with the relationship between the public media and camp.


Kitchen Assistant
Assist the Kitchen Manager and Cook(s) with food preparation and service. Cleans food preparation areas and equipment.


Reports to the Kitchen Manager. Responsible for the preparation of all camp meals in accordance with pre-planned menus. Must have the ability to lift heavy loads, Hold a current food handler’s certification


Camp Nurse 
Operates the camp Health Center. Supervises all aspects of medical care for campers and staff. Dispenses medication and follows Doctor's Medical Treatment Procedures. 21+, current RN or EMT certification, current driver's license.


Health Center Manager 
Assists with the operation of the Camp Health Center and all aspects of medical care for campers. Prefer 21+, nursing student, pre-med student or current RN or EMT certification.  Current driver's license preferred.


Health Center Assistant
Assists with the operation of the Camp Health Center and all aspects of medical care for campers. Must be 18+, and nursing student, pre-med student or current RN or EMT preferred. Current driver's license preferred.


Aquatic Manager 
Coordinates and supervises boating activities on the waterfront. Supervises pool and canoeing program. Also supervises pool and Pool Director.  21+, current driver's license, current lifeguard and CPR:PR certifications.


Assists with the implementation of the aquatic program. Works as a lifeguard. Assists with unit programming in the evening when pool/waterfront is closed.  Current lifeguard and CPR:PR certifications.


Unit Manager 
Supervise and support the unit side of camp to insure that interesting, motivating, thorough and safe programs are scheduled and carried out for all campers. 21+, current driver's license preferred.


CIT/JC Manager 
Coordinates and implements the Counselor in Training leadership development program.  Facilitates and guides teens' development of skills in camp activities, outdoor living and leadership.  Oversees Junior Counselors within units.  21+, current driver's license preferred.


Inclusion Coordinator
Coordinates accommodations for campers with special needs.


Unit Leader 
Manages the living unit, coordinates activities and assures girl partnership in the development of activities. Supervises unit staff.  21+ and current driver's license preferred.


Unit Counselor 
Assists the Unit Leader with planning and implementation of activities. Responsible for the direct daily supervision of girls in the living unit and program areas.

Working with Volunteers
Our staff serves our volunteers who serve the girls in our community! We support volunteers in changing lives of girls.
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