Emergency Medical Technician - Basic PRN
Job Details
Nacogdoches County Hospital District - Nacogdoches, TX
PRN/Per Diem
24 Hour-EMS

High School Diploma or equivalent.  Experience preferred. Texas Department of Health - Emergency Medical Technician - Basic; Valid Texas Driver's License.  Knowledge of pre-hospital care on Emergency Medical Technician - Basic level and traffic laws of the State of Texas.  CPR required.


Skilled in pre-hospital care including the use of backboards cervical collars, packaging techniques, rescue, communications, bandaging and splinting, emergency driving procedures under all conditions, dealing with all types of people under stress in a sensitive and diplomatic fashion. 

Ability to read, write and speak clearly in the English language, think coherently under stress, and hear heart, lung and bowel sounds through a stethoscope and able to hear the normal level voice in conversation.  Must be able to take calls and be within thirty minutes of the Hospital when on call.

Job Summary

Pre-hospital patient care in accordance with the standards of the Texas Department of Health and U.S. Department of Transportation.  Operation of emergency vehicles safely in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas.



  • Provide pre-hospital patient care as defined by the Texas Department of Health and the U.S. Department of Transportation for Emergency Medical Technician - Basic.  Operate under local medical protocols.
  • Staff 9-1-1 Communications Center and take 9-1-1 calls.
  • Transmit to and receive information from Emergency Medical Services personnel in the field.
  • Operate all emergency vehicles in the Emergency Medical Services Department safely and in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas and the policies of the Emergency Medical Services Department.
  • Maintains an acceptable departmental standard of Emergency Medical Services, City and County roadways, traffic laws, use and care of equipment.
  • Demonstrates the knowledge and ability to complete the necessary Emergency Medical Services forms and documentation.
  • Demonstrates the knowledge of preventative maintenance on the emergency vehicles.



  • Demonstrates independent working knowledge of cardiac monitor, defibrillator, and pacer.
  • Demonstrates ability to independently apply cardiac monitor leads and combi-pads.
  • Demonstrates ability to independently adjust monitor settings
  • Demonstrates ability to perform cardioversion and defibrillation utilizing hands-on as well as hands-off techniques.
  • Utilizes electrodes and paddles as appropriate for patient size and age.
  • Demonstrates a working knowledge of the start triage system.
  • Demonstrates ability to properly complete EMS patient report forms and appropriately documents patient assessment and treatment.
  • Recognizes indications for use of a traction splint and demonstrates proper application.
  • Demonstrates proper pulse and neuro-vital checks pre- and post splinting.
  • Recognize indications for blood glucose testing.
  • Demonstrates ability to perform and document quality control testing, reports high and low-test results.