RISE Community Coach ( RISE is the Road to Independent Living, Spiritual Formation & Employment)
Elgin - Elgin, IL
Full Time
Undergraduate degree, Master's preferred


This is a full-time (40 hours per week) position reporting to the RISE Program Director.  The RISE Community Coach works one-on-one with RISE-Up student to support them in their living and employment situations. In addition, the Community Coach will be responsible for the expansion and management of Special Olympics for all RISE students, the RISE Summer Camp, the development and execution of a RISE communication strategy and will serve as a primary liaison for information exchange between the RISE Certificate Program (years 1 & 2) and the RISE-Up Programs (year 3 and beyond).

Essential Functions:

  • Planning for incoming RISE-Up students
    • Evaluate RISE Certificate Program graduating class to recommend students to invite to the RISE-Up Program and extend invitations to selected students.
    • Help prepare the budget for the upcoming academic year.
    • Evaluate processes, forms & campus apartments and coordinate updates as needed for the RISE-Up Program.
  • Mentor RISE-Up students
    • Lead the effort to get each student employed either on- or off-campus for a minimum of 25 hours per week.
    • Meet with students on a regular frequency to evaluate independent living skills and propose solutions as required (i.e. inspect apartment for cleanliness & organization, discuss apartment chores/task, review schedule and adherence to the budget/plan, encourage social engagement, troubleshoot and problem-solve issues, inappropriate behaviors, etc.)
    • Co- or team-teach RISE Year 3 courses: Mastering Independent Living Skills and Thriving in the Workplace
    • Train students on using public transportation to get to grocery store, doctor, movie theaters, etc.
    • Job Coach students in specific tasks and skills required to be successful in his/her workplace.
  • RISE Summer Camp
    • Serve as lead planner for a week-long summer camp at Judson University for students with intellectual disabilities
    • Lead meetings with RISE staff/other key stakeholders to establish ground rules for a pilot rollout in July, 2020
    • Determine schedule and activities to be provided to students
    • Coordinate details to execute and measure the impact of the pilot rollout
    • Establish a plan for future summer camps
  • Special Olympics
    • Serve as primary liaison/relationship manager to Special Olympics organization
    • Expand RISE student participation by adding Special Olympics sports (e.g. bowling, track & field)
    • Coordinate travel, including obtaining a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), to transport the RISE team to/from venues as required
  • Communication Strategy
    • Develop and execute a communication strategy to inform local civic/community organizations, employers, school districts, donors regarding RISE highlights, service projects, events, successes, etc.
    • Post updates to RISE Facebook page/Instagram and provide content to Judson University Facebook page.
  • RISE Communication Liaison
    • Serve as the information-sharing source between the RISE Certificate Program and RISE-Up Program
    • Create and distribute content among the entire RISE team to ensure clear understanding of current processes and future plans


Undergraduate degree, Master's preferred, in Business, Education, Social Services or a related field with relevant experience. Knowledge of disability documentation and accommodations. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Collaborative, adaptable, team-oriented working style with a student-centered approach. Commitment to diversity and experience working with a diverse faculty, staff and student body.


Salary is commensurate with education & experience. Benefits for full time employees include a tuition waiver program for employee and dependent (pro-rated by year until employed for four years), medical and dental insurance, retirement savings plan, paid vacation, holidays and two personal days per year.