Summer School Student Worker 2020
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Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA



Looking for dedicated, fun student workers to join us at Marlborough Summer School this year!

Location: Marlborough School, Los Angeles.

Dates: Must be available June 15, 2020 through July 24, 2020.

Ready for a summer of robot action, animal invasions, math review, art, book-making, performances, swimming, or a host of hands on activities? Marlborough School located in the mid-Wilshire area is the place to be. Students age 5 to 15 take a variety of classes, and thrive in this environment.

Marlborough Summer School has full and part-time student worker positions available. You must be at least 14 and going in to 10th grade to apply.

We provide training and mentoring. We are looking for student workers who are open to new ideas and are capable of going with the flow. FLEXIBILITY IS A MUST!


Application Deadline: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Interviews (New applicants or by request): Either Saturday, March 14, 2020 or April 11, 2020 between 9 Am and 1 PM (We will also hold interviews on Thursday, March 12 from 2 PM to 4 PM for Marlborough students).

Paperwork Completed: All paperwork must be completed and turned in by May 13, 2020 including work permits.

Training and Orientation Sessions: Various dates between June 15 – June 19, 2020. You must attend all appropriate training sessions for your position.

Leadership, Drama, and Sports Camps: Camps run the week of June 8 and June 15.

Open House: Open House occurs on Saturday, June 20, 2020. Camp Mustang Counselors must be available.

Five - Week Employment Dates: June 22 – July 24, 2020


Positions Available



Teachers Assistant

The student worker assists the students in completion of activities and projects that are given by the teacher.  The student worker also assists the teacher in the smooth running of the class.

Camp Mustang  - Morning

The counselor is assigned with a partner to a group of 10 students in kindergarten or first grade.  The counselors attend a week of training prior to the beginning of summer school, meet the students at open house, create a group sign and name tags for their students.  The counselors move with the students from math, to English, to science, movement, and drama.  They assist the students in getting a snack at break and eating lunch.  

Camp Mustang - Afternoon

The counselor assists in the daily operation of the class and meets the individual needs of the student so the teacher may continue a lesson. Each class is 40 minutes long and the counselor helps the students move to a second class, returning to assist the original teacher in a second 40 minute class.

Office Staff

The office staff helps set up and organize the Summer School office prior to the beginning of Summer School.  During Summer School the staff answers the phones, helps parents with their needs, tends to student issues, and performs tasks necessary to the daily operations of Summer School.  During break they move out of the office to assist with the supervision of students. As Summer School wraps up they assist in the production of report cards. Once Summer School is completed, they help organize the end of the summer mailing and assist in clean up.

Afternoon Athletics counselor

Afternoon Athletics counselors are assigned to a group of students and are responsible for the safe and positive participation of the students on a daily basis.  The counselors will attend field trips and participate with the students in the daily activities.



Extended Care - Before School

The student worker meets with the students prior to school and waits with them until it is time for the students to go to their first period class.  



Extended Care - After School

The student worker is assigned to a group of students and assists the students in participating in activities until the parents pick up the students each day.  Activities include games, crafts, snack time and movies.



Swim Instructor

Swim instructors are paired with two students and provide the opportunities for each pair to improve their swimming skills.  The instructor helps the students get dressed, teaches a 45-minute lesson and then helps the student change and move to the next class. There are two days of training on the techniques of teaching progressive swim lessons prior to the start of Summer School.


Lifeguards supervise the students who participate in afternoon swim and ensure that the pool is a safe and fun place to play.  They also supervise the students who are enrolled in afternoon swim while they are out of the pool to provide a safe and positive environment.  The lifeguards will maintain a safe aquatic environment for other groups who use the pool.

Sports Camps

Sports camps are a one-week program before the 5-week Summer School program that provide intensive and advanced instruction for students in a variety of sports.  The times of the classes vary during the day and the length is between 1-2 hours. Student workers assist the coaches during these camps and operate at the direction of the instructor.

Performing Arts Camps

Drama camps are a one-week program before the 5 week Summer School program that provide fun instruction for students who want to act, sing or be involved behind the scenes of a play. The times of the classes vary during the day and the length is between 2-4 hours. Student workers assist the teachers during these camps and operate at the direction of the instructor.


Lunch Crew

The Lunch Crew helps set up, serve, clean up, and supervise students during the lunch period. 11:30 am - 1:15 pm each day during the five week program.