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KidZone Childcare Worker

Job Details


The role of the KidZone Childcare Worker is to interact and provide care for children participating in KidZone programs. KidZone is our childcare program that allows parents to attend many studies and groups to grow in their faith while their kids are cared for. The KidZone Childcare Worker provides a safe and loving environment for kids to grow and experience the love of God while ensuring that children and their families are well-served.


Provide an Age Appropriate Curriculum

  • Review curriculum before kids arrive for program
  • Prepare the classroom with age appropriate centers or according to the curriculum
  • Guide Bible/story time, singing, snack time and a craft or art project

Maintain a Safe, Healthy and Nurturing Environment

  • Supervise and interact with kids in the classroom and on the playground
  • Insure the safety and well being of kids at all times
  • Change diapers or take kids to the bathroom and help kids wash hands
  • Make sure room and toys are satisfactorily clean and ready for use by the next ministry program.
  • Alert the KidZone Supervisor if a parent is needed because of injury, separation anxity or behavior
  • Report any cases of suspected child abuse or neglect, according to the Cherry Hills Child Abuse Policy to the KidZone Supervisor, Director and then to Social Services

Cultivate Relationships with Kids and Families

  • Connect relationally with kids and families during drop-off and pick-up times
  • Take time to thoroughly understand each kid’s needs
  • Pray for the kids and families you serve

Demonstrate being a Highly Effective Team Member to Help Kids Grow Spiritually

  • Build a culture defined by love and unity
  • Cast vision regularly by sharing stories and celebrating wins
  • Enjoy working with kids in a calm and gentle manner, including effective communication
  • Demonstrate a willingness to adapt to new practices

Ensure Accurate, Timely Response to Communication Requests (Phone or Email)

  • Answer phone calls, texts, email and communication requests in a timely manner from your supervisor.


SUPERVISOR: KidZone Suprvisor

POSITION TYPE: On-Call, Non-Exempt

Hours Per week: 3 10

salary range: $15.00 / Hour

benefits: N/A


  • Early childhood care experience
  • Maintain current CPR/ first aid certification, must be able to pass background check
  • Physical job duties: kneeling, sitting, lifting and transferring children
  • Must be at least 16 years of age