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Job Details


Overall Purpose & Objective of the Position

Supe1-vises and performs the activities related to providing EMT and ambulance se1-vices for the

betterment of Monroe County and its residents.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities of the Position

I) As a licensed Paramedic performs activities of driving an ambulance and administering medical

assistance to individuals upon the scene per standard operating procedures of the region and

subsequently completes all associated paperwork

2) Completes all necessary paperwork pursuant to a shift

3) Performs "vehicle checks" at the start of each shift of paramedic duty to include road-worthy

status, medical supplies and the like and completes all associated paperwork

4) Participates in medical EMT training programs as defined by the Lead Paramedic Supervisor and

Director of the Department

5) Performs relevant EMT presentations at schools, community events and the like

6) Encourages recommendations for efficiencies, processes, etc. which will deliver either quality,

cost savings, or other improvements within the department

Direct Reports

1) None

Working Conditions

Following are particular working conditions that are associated with this position:

I) Regular & irregular shift work and rotations necessary to man the department 24 hours per day, 7

days per week, including weekends & holidays. Normal shifts are 24 hours but may be extended

due to emergency, manpower, or work in progress.

2) Subject to call back in emergency situations

3) Exposure to abnormal, disturbing, and morose scenes

Physical/ Mental Demands

Individuals in the position must meet and maintain the physical & mental ability to;

I) Perform in a normal office environment - walking, sitting, standing, reaching

2) Maintain the manual dexterity required to operate standard office equipment

3) React and move quickly and assume positions requiring, stooping, kneeling, and crouching

4) Use hands and aims to reach, handle, and feel as coordinated or independent functions

5) Hear and smell within the normal range of human ability and has a normal sense of touch(or

sufficiently correctable)

6) Vision that is sufficiently correctable to obtain a valid Driver's license

7) Exert physical strength needed to operate all equipment used in daily departmental activities

8) Handle a high level of personal stress and maintain composure of self & the situation under

adverse conditions

Conditions of Exposure

I) Outdoor weather conditions

2) Moderate to high noise levels

3) Infectious disease

Required Certifications

I) Driver's License Certification

2) Paramedics License Certification

3) CPR Certification

4) Advanced Cardiac Life Support

5) Basic Trauma Life Support




I) High School or GED qualification and maintenance of all above licenses / certifications

2) Experience administering emergency medical assistance to injured / traumatized individuals

3) Prior work experience exhibiting tremendous reliability and dependability

4) Experience utilizing all primary vehicles, equipment, & apparatus

5) Demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of current and relevant emergency medical treatment techniques

6) Experience driving and operating an emergency vehicle under stressful circumstances

7) Effective verbal and written conmmnication skills to effectively speak with members of the department, and the community and to prepare concise / accurate reports

8) Reasoning and decision making skills required to make discretionaty judgments quickly and with results that maximize a patient's treatment and ability to recover

9) Ability to operate office equipment i.e. copy / fax machines, telephone, and basic computer skills in Windows and word processing

I0) Demonstrated ability to multi-task, balance priorities and operate in an intense and stressful environment

16) Demonstrated ability to work successfully in a team environment, functioning for the good of the whole over the individual



~ Customer Service: Responds regularly to customer needs

~ Decision Making: Must regularly ascertain circumstances and apply guidelines to make high level decisions

~ Fundamental: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, memory and the like manner that makes them most effective in meeting objectives and developing their skills

~ Physical Agility: Performs activities requiring more than average physical strength and agility

~ Problem Solving, Independent Judgment: Utilizes ingenuity to identify & resolve problems, is

~ Safety & Security: Must observes & promote safety & security procedures