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St Mary Catholic School in LIttleton is seeking a part-time School Counselor. The school counselor works in a support role for students with social/emotional needs. The counselor collaborates with faculty, administration, and parents to create strategies and recommendations for social and emotional support. The counselor is also available to parents with questions, referral needs, or additional support services.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Obtains information about students through use of interview, case history, relevant assessment measures, and observational techniques.

Proactively gathers and evaluates data to identify causes of student problems and to determine advisability of school counseling or referral to other specialists or institutions.

Provides individual and/or group counseling for students, and acts as an advocate for students when appropriate.

Provides coordination, consultation, referral and informational services to faculty, staff, parents, and students, attending grade level meetings as needed.

Collaborates with the school administration, homeroom teachers, and parents in helping students continue academic and social/emotional growth.

Proactively collaborates with relevant case professionals when appropriate.

Participates in parent-teacher conferences for academic and behavioral issues, when appropriate.

Plans and presents parent and faculty presentations on topics related to youth and family mental health.

Performs appropriate case management and documentation based upon accepted standards and program policies.

Supports, promotes, and adheres to St. Mary Catholic School vision and mission

Maintains confidentiality of parents, staff, faculty, and students as per the National Code of Ethics, according to the license under which the counselor is working.

Completes necessary administrative duties (paperwork, etc.) timely and accurately.

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