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Early Childhood Coordinator

Job Details


The Early Childhood Coordinator equips children from birth through preschool to grow spiritually and powerfully experience the love of Christ by coordinating the administrative and logistic support for the Early Childhood ministry, participating in the recruitment and onboarding of volunteers, and ensuring children and their families are well-served.


Coordinate Logistics for Set-up and Tear-down of Early Childhood Spaces

  • Ensure rooms are set up to provide a welcoming and enriching environment for children and volunteers
  • Ensure resources are prepared in advance for all elements of the Kidspoint services
  • Ensure rooms are neat, orderly and safe, and maintain ‘Go Bags’ in each room

Serve and Support Team Members Before, During and After the Weekend Services

  • Answer parent and volunteer questions, and serve as a resource
  • Assist in training leaders to facilitate highly relational and transformational groups
  • Lead in rooms as necessary to ensure a safe and welcoming learning environment

Contribute to Recruiting Efforts and Assist in Leading a Highly Effective Volunteer Team to Help Kids Grow Spiritually

  • Build and support a culture defined by love and unity
  • Build a strategic plan to identify and recruit volunteers (in collaboration with Early Childhood Director and KIDSPOINT Director)
  • Recruit volunteers and train, lead and direct them for maximum impact
  • Cast vision regularly by sharing stories and celebrating wins
  • Provide coaching and feedback for continuous improvement
  • Partner with Early Childhood Director in planning and delivering high-caliber trainings
  • Train volunteers in safety policies and ensure adherence to safety policies in the ministry

Cultivate Relationships with Kids and Families

  • Connect relationally with children and families during drop-off and pick-up times
  • Take time to thoroughly understand each kid’s needs
  • Build relationships with kids during the weekend service
  • Pray for the kids and families you serve

Complete Administrative Responsibilities for the Early Childhood Ministry

  • Maintain all administrative documentation (attendance, follow-up reports, etc.)
  • Complete screening, processing and paperwork for volunteers
  • Ensure CCB is organized, accurate and up-to-date
  • Ensure all safety and security teams are held to the highest standards
  • Assist in curriculum preparation and development

Ensure Accurate, Timely Response to Communication Requests (Phone or Email)

  • Manage email, voicemail and communication requests in a timely, thorough manner
  • Build trust by maintaining confidence of information
  • Respond to all communication with professionalism, discretion and a service orientation

Perform and Complete Other Duties and Tasks as Assigned

Model Servant Leadership and Exhibit a Helpful, Joyful Attitude

Demonstrate a Commitment to Growth

  • Receive and apply training and development from the Early Childhood Director
  • Attend department and All-Staff meetings


As a staff family, we recognize God’s calling on our lives to be co-laborers with Him, and we are so thankful that even though He doesn’t need us, He desires to use us to accomplish His mission. We are faithfully committed to being all-in for what God wants to do through Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, Douglas County, across our state, throughout our nation and around the world.

At our core we are all about love.

  • Love Up Exalt & Praise We exalt the Lord by prioritizing our personal relationship with Him & giving Him praise for all that He has done and continues to do.
  • Love Down Accountable & Effort We are accountable to our teammates and honor them by giving our best effort in all that we do.
  • Love Out Empathy & Unity We are empathetic towards one another, trusting rather than being suspicious and caring for their needs ahead of our own while speaking and acting in unity.


You Model a Growing and Vibrant Relationship with Christ

  • Pursue full devotion to Christ and live the life we are inviting others to live
  • Manifest the fruit of the Spirit in work habits and relationships
  • Pursue spiritual growth through community and a daily (or almost daily) Biblical engagement
  • Embody other-centered, servant-leadership in all interactions
  • Reflect Christ’s heart for reaching the spiritually lost

You Demonstrate Commitment to Cherry Hills Community Church

  • Pursue church membership and live out the four commitments of active membership, which are wholehearted worship, daily Bible reading and reflection, pray for and pursue friendships with those who don’t know Christ, and generously giving of your time, talent and treasure
  • Be an active, engaged participant at weekend services and involved in community
  • Serve at church-wide, all-hands-on-deck events(Examples: Christmas & Easter service, etc.)
  • Participate in monthly Staff Chapels, Staff Teachings, and small group
  • Accept and uphold Cherry Hills’ Statement of Our Faith


God equips every Christ-follower with spiritual gifts to serve and strengthen the body of Christ and to partner with Him in the advancement of His kingdom.

The following spiritual gifts are recommended for this role:






Hours Per week: 20

SUPERVISOR: Early Childhood Director

PAY RANGE: $15 - $22 / Hour

BENEFITS: Paid Vacation and Sick Leave