Corporate Event Planner
Corporate - Tempe, AZ
Full Time
4 Year Degree
Corporate Event Planner

Why We Need You – The Mission

A career at Ipro Tech provides the perfect opportunity for individuals looking to make an impact in an exciting, booming industry. Privately owned and operated since 1989, Ipro is stable, profitable, and rapidly growing. Our dynamic teammates and leaders foster a creative, forward-thinking work environment, while a strong, supportive corporate culture offers many opportunities for personal growth and career advancement. If you are bright, highly motivated, and want to work where your ideas are heard and efforts are rewarded, there is no better time to join our team.

We are looking for a Corporate Event Planner who is passionate about their work, diligent in their work and detailed in their professional execution. The ideal candidate will have the ability to:

Key Priorities

  • Take ownership of the business and results
  • Execute corporate events at locations around the USA and Canada
  • Plan and execute all logistics around the Ipro Tech Show
  • Planning and execution of Ipro Hub Training Events
  • Promotion of events on social media and website
  • Reporting on the efficacy of each event and CPL and ROI
  • Targeting prospects


Who We’re Looking For – The Personal Competencies That Matter


Alignment – We need to know that we can lean on you to align with sales and drive attendance to events. Running events requires an ability to accurately analyze and forecast sales, lead generation, attention to detail, and quickly course-correct when things go off course or take advantage of opportunities.

Multi-task–You must know how to juggle multiple projects; we will be executing multiple events simultaneously.

Influencing and relationship-building – We want someone with the ability to quickly establish credibility with and gain the trust and respect of everyone in the organization: from the senior leadership team to frontline employees, and everyone in between. You must be able to balance asking the right questions with providing direction to ensure that the work gets done, and not just by you.

Balanced (short and long-term) - You are as hands-on as you are visionary and recognize that nothing gets done without execution. You consistently demonstrate a solid understanding of the trade-offs between tactics and goals with an emphasis on long-term value creation.

Emotional agility – You will need to demonstrate that you can make a difference quickly while embracing Ipro’s culture. You will also need to demonstrate strategic acumen and a willingness to work with others to achieve a goal without taking all the credit. You are also comfortable formulating a plan quickly and committing to it, but flexible enough to scrap it and choose a different course of action when needed.

Thrives in ambiguity - At times, this role will be responsible for taking nebulous ideas and translating them into specific, concrete actions. Your work will not always be paint-by-number. You will be comfortable taking nebulous direction, translating it into a plan, and enlisting those you need to get the job done. As such, you will have examples of times when you took a poorly- formed idea, sharpened it, and owned its execution from start-to-finish.

Accountable – You do what you say you will and aren’t afraid to own your mistakes. You take the lead but are willing to ask for help.

Growth Mindset – You enjoy the process of getting better at what you do, and you seek out the feedback that improves your ability to learn from your experiences.

Kind, Humble, and Fun: You share the credit but aren’t afraid to take the blame. You should take your work seriously, but not yourself (too much). You should be ambitious but grounded and eager to learn what it takes to run a successful technology company. You are a person we can enjoy collaborating with, spending time with, and investing in. You may be this person if you already invest heavily in those you work with, and if you consistently receive the feedback that you are a great colleague and teammate. A great sign is if people go out of their way to work with you, no matter the situation.

Resilient – You are flexible in the face of ambiguity, can embrace change when needed, and can tell us about when you have demonstrated grit throughout your career. We are candid, open and honest with each other at Ipro. That should be enticing to you.



The ideal candidate will have a track record in a plurality of the following skill sets.

  • Organization Skills
  • Handle Pressure
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Wordpress
  • HTML
  • Design Skills
  • Reporting and Metrics
  • English Writing Skills