Sterile Processing Instrument Tech I, Tech II, Tech III, and Lead Positions
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Fort Myers, FL - Fort Myers, FL
High School



Reports to the manager of sterile processing and works under the supervision of the lead instrument technician. Receives training for and achieves competency in at least one area of sterile processing (Decontamination, Assembly, Sterilization, Distribution).   Collaborates with the team to deliver high quality and reliable instrumentation to the surgical services customers and patients. Participates in team huddles and idea generation to support continuous improvement and the quality management system. Responsible for adhering to LeeSar and Lee Health System policies and protocols and AAMI, APIC, and AORN standards. 



    1. Identify and escalate safety issues
    2. Ability to follow detailed directions with or without supervision
    3. Self-motivated, excellent at multi-tasking, detail-oriented
    1. Observe a minimum of 2 surgical procedures in a year
    2. Complete 6 CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) annually
    3. Successfully maintain competency in a minimum of one area (Decontamination, Assembly,  Sterilization, Case Pick)
    4. Pursue IAHCSMM CRCST Certification
    1. Technology
      1. Proficiency in required computer skills including, but not limited to: Microsoft products Outlook, Excel, Word; Censitrac instrument program
    2. Decontamination - Demonstrates the ability to:
      1. Properly set up the decontamination area (sink levels, soap concentration, equipment needs)
      2. Properly sort and stage trays if needed (scanning, stay / go, type of decontamination, spray)
      3. Follow proper cleaning procedures for instruments that will go through automatic washer and follows the standard work for basic instruments (scan, sort, open, soak, scrub, brush, flush, sonic, rinse) and follows the IFU’s for different instruments
      4. Follow proper cleaning procedures for instruments requiring hand wash (no submersion, scrub, brush, flush, rinse, dry) and follows the IFU’s for different instruments
      5. Run the equipment properly and according to instrument IFU’s and properly load manifolds for optimal cleaning
    3. Assembly – Demonstrates the ability to:
      1. Properly utilize the instrument tracking system and assemble trays one instrument at a time by checking off one item at a time according to standard work and policy
      2. Properly inspect basic instruments and instrument sets according to IFU’s (scissor testing, box locks, clamps, brush & flush lumens, insulation testing, assemble / disassemble, check function, visual check for bioburden) by following standard work and policies
      3. Properly string items, bag, or organize tray according to count sheets, standard work, and IFU’s for basic instruments and trays
      4. Properly prepare tray with indicators, count sheet in bucks bag, wrap, container & filter, locks, and labels according to standard work and IFU’s.
      5. Properly assemble singles utilizing instrument tracking system, barcode scanning, instrument search engines, proper packaging, and labeling
    4. Sterilization – Demonstrates the ability to:
      1. Utilize IFU’s to determine sterilization requirements and perform necessary Bowie Dick and Biological testing
      2. Set up a sterilizer load according to standard work and policies
      3. Load and run the steam sterilizer following SOP’s, standard work, IFU’s, and policies.
      4. Load and run Sterrad loads according to SOP’s, standard work, IFU’s, and policies
      5. Sterilize utilizing ETO according to SOP’s, standard work, IFU’s, and policies, if applicable
    5. Case Pick – Demonstrates the ability to:
      1. Set up a surgical case (instruments and supplies) according to preference cards and instrument tracking system
      2. Put away and locate instruments utilizing inventory control systems and instrument tracking system
      3. Communicate with the OR team to facilitate obtaining add on or changes in supplies or instruments for the surgical case
    1. Maintains high quality performance with fewer than 8 defects per year reaching the customer
    2. Properly utilizes the instrument tracking system and follows all departmental standard work processes
    1. Follow all documented LeeSar policy and procedure
    2. Follow all documented LeeSar SPD standard work processes
    3. Demonstrate ability to meet LeeSar attendance policy, being at work, on time every shift
    4. Ability to demonstrate integrity in protecting confidential patient information
    1. Demonstrate good verbal and non-verbal communication skills including positive and strong team communication skills
    2. Demonstrate strong written and verbal skill; clearly and professionally communicates with all peers, customers, and leadership
    3. Participate in peer mentoring and feedback
    4. Demonstrate strong desire to learn and develop new skills
    5. Daily demonstration of great focus and attention to detail in all processes
    1. Decontamination productivity reaches and maintains 30 trays per shift
    2. Assembly productivity reaches and maintains 15 trays per shift
    3. Case pick productivity reaches and maintains 15 cases per shift
    1. Ability to participate in team problem solving as part of a continuous improvement culture
    2. Demonstrate ability to identify potential solutions to department quality opportunities
    3. Demonstrate flexibility and strong teamwork skills in any required job duties



  1. High School or GED Graduate required
  2. Read, write, and speak English for work related communication
  3. On the job training and certification obtained within one year of hire date
  4. Minimum 6 months experience in a related healthcare field



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