Technical Director - South Lake
Job Details
Willow - South Lake - Lincolnshire, IL
Full Time

The Technical Director (TD) is the primary owner and operator of all technical systems in the auditorium.  The TD is responsible for creating a distraction free environment that engages and inspires people to pursue a relationship with God. The major aspects of this position are: systems, weekend production planning and execution, volunteer care, and creation of content.  Systems:  The TD is responsible for maintaining and planning upgrades for all systems, first in the auditorium, and to assist in the rest of the building as well (as it pertains to Willow, i.e. classes).  Weekend: The TD is to enable execution for all service events.  This includes but is not limited to planning for sound, staging, lighting, video, etc.  Then, on the weekend, the TD is responsible to make sure the cues are called, and everything is executed properly from a technical standpoint.  Volunteers:  The TD will recruit, train, shepherd and develop volunteers to manage technical needs as is necessary.  Content Creation: The TD is an integral part of the content creation process.  The TD will work closely with the producer to determine weekend needs, and as necessary, engage in creating content.  Sometimes this can be through volunteers, other staff members, contract labor, or done by the TD.