Associate Copywriter
Associate Copywriter
KC - Kansas City, MO
Full Time
4 Year Degree
Job Description

Associate copywriters help develop the concept and write the words that go in the creative work produced by Signal Theory — with the guidance and direction of a senior copywriter. That creative work could be almost anything print, motion or digital. Most work begins with a brief or other useful info provided by account or strategy teams. The associate copywriter — often working in tandem with an art director — helps imagine and produce the answers to any client challenge. Whether the project is a campaign or a single item, the point should be to create something that has a positive impact on the brand. 

For an associate copywriter, here are the basics:

  • You have less than three years work experience.

  • You are proficient with core Microsoft Office Suite or G Suite tools.

  • Words are your friends. And putting them together in interesting ways to make a point is one of your favorite things.

  • You have a killer book demonstrating great conceptual thinking and an understanding of headline/visual synergy.

  • You have a degree in something loosely related to the English language, like journalism, communications, creative writing, etc.

  • You understand and appreciate grammar. And know when to break the rules..

  • You’re hungry for juicy opportunities, you’re a quick study, and you play nice with others.

Any associate copywriter should feel the following rings true:

  • You pay attention to the details.

  • You’re collaborative and work positively with a team.

  • You are not afraid to raise your hand to ask a question or toss out a suggestion. 

  • You welcome feedback and can channel that into your work.

  • You have an appreciation for advertising, design and their histories.

  • You appreciate excellence in all the elements of advertising — writing, photography, illustration, motion, etc.

  • You are eager to learn about your client’s world and develop your own skills.

  • You don’t find the notion of a generally fast pace to be disagreeable or concerning.

  • You can talk about your work and clearly explain the reasons/inspiration for your choices.


Exceptional benefits include:

  • Access to LinkedIn Learning and Skillshare to continue honing your craft.

  • Six flexible work-from-home days each year in addition to your regular PTO.

  • Up to $500 a year to put toward qualified wellness expenses, like your gym membership.

  • After one year, we’ll reimburse up to 50% of tuition costs for approved continuing education.

  • If you stick around for eight whole years, enjoy a 4-week paid sabbatical, plus a $750 reimbursement for international travel.

Of course, we also:

  • Are an equal opportunity employer.

  • Provide health, dental and vision insurance.

  • Offer salaries commensurate with experience.

  • Offer both traditional and Roth 401k plans with employer matching.