MCH Program Manager for Centralized Intake
Job Details
Headquarters - Baltimore, MD
Full Time


  • Supervise Maternal and Child Health Initiatives staff i.e. one Maternal and Child Health Liaison, two Safe Sleep Coordinators and five Community Health Advocates.  Approve staff time and PTO requests, conduct monthly audits, Receives, tracks, reviews, and assigns referrals for the Maternal and Child Health Initiatives team. 
  • Oversee the MCH Central Triage System to ensure optimal care coordination of pregnant and postpartum women and infants
  • Work collaboratively with Judy Center staff leadership creating a referral system between the Judy Center and HCAM to ensure that pregnant women are re-connected and referred to HCAM for prenatal services and other community-based resources.
  • Prepare, Review, and Submit quarterly and monthly reports to the Baltimore City Health Department, Family League and other grant Funders as required and requested
  • Participate in new hire orientation and onboarding curriculum highlighting the role of Centralized Intake System and B’More for Healthy Babies (BHB) Initiatives. Responsible for facilitating routine training to the MCH Outreach team and other HCAM/BHCD Programs as needed.
  •  Represent HealthCare Access Maryland and BHB in Provider outreach to regional MCH providers explaining the services of the Central Intake System and BHB Initiatives.
  • Attend and participate routine meetings as assigned but not limited to BCHD-BabyStat, Fetal Infant Mortality Review, Child Fatality Review, and MCH staff meetings. 
  •  Provide outreach strategies and coaching to the MCH Outreach team. Support Standard Operating Procedures for best practice in outreach, communication, interventions and documentation.
  • Be familiar with community resources and services in the city to support the MCH Initiatives team to connect pregnant and postpartum women and infants to improve pregnancy, birth, and infant health outcomes.
  • Serve as point of contact for the BHB Home Visiting; Healthy Families America, Baltimore City Health Department, and Healthy Start Home Visiting Programs
  • Participation in local/state meetings, conferences, community meetings


  • Bachelors or Master’s degree preferred
  • Experience in Leadership. Managing a team for 1-2 years.
  • At least four years of experience providing home/community outreach to the maternal and child health population in Baltimore City.
  • Demonstrated knowledge in the following areas: Community Outreach, Maternal and Child Health Disparities in Baltimore City, and Medicaid System Navigation.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience working with HealthChoice Medicaid recipients and Managed Care Organizations.



  • Strong computer literacy skills, specifically with MS Word, Excel, Outlook and SharePoint (365).
  • Organizational skills with the ability to meet a demanding workload
  • Excellent oral and written interpersonal and communication skills required
  • Organizational and Problem-solving skills
  • Proven ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines
  • Strong knowledge of community resources