Acquisitions Coordinator
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American Psychiatric Association HQ - Washington, DC
Full Time


The Acquisitions Coordinator manages the flow of book manuscripts, proposals, and query letters submitted to APA Publishing and corresponds with authors, editors, and reviewers, throughout the acquisition and publication of APA Publishing books; enters data and manages the Allbooks database while implementing the peer review process of proposals and manuscripts; supports the delivery of biannual royalties and statements to APA Publishing authors; requests and prepares royalty advances; acts as liaison to the APA Publishing Editorial Board, APA Publishing authors, editors, contributors, and staff; assists the Acquisitions Editor and the Publisher; manages office functions; and performs miscellaneous administrative duties.



  • Manages the flow of book manuscripts, proposals, and query letters submitted to APA Publishing and corresponds with authors throughout the publication process:
    • Works directly with the Acquisitions Editor to process and track all new manuscript and proposal submissions.
    • Prepares weekly manuscript tracking report and prepares submission packages for the Editor-in-Chief.
    • Enters and updates relevant author and manuscript information in the Allbooks database.
    • Adds new records for each new proposal and manuscript submission into the Allbooks database.
    • Schedules conference calls with authors.
  • Manages and implements the peer review process for book proposals and manuscript submissions:
    • Maintains peer review tracking database.
    • Works with the Acquisitions Editor to communicate with authors on the status of their proposal and manuscript submissions.
    • Works with the Acquisitions Editor to ensure that peer review of proposals and manuscripts is completed in a timely fashion.
    • Prepares peer review materials for sending to reviewers.
    • Coordinates responding to authors about peer review.
  • Acts as staff liaison to the APA Publishing Editorial Board and coordinates staff and author functions at the annual APA meeting:
    • Communicates regularly with the Editorial Board via phone, email, and letter.
    • Corresponds, plans, and arranges meetings when necessary.
    • Assembles agendas and meeting materials for Editorial Board Meetings. Attends meetings and provides support.
    • Updates APA Component Directory, Editorial Board rotations, and letterhead.
    • Provides administrative support for APA annual meeting events involving authors.
    • Lends support to preparing and running the Annual Meeting Bookstore.
    • Assists Acquisitions Editor in preparing materials for the APA annual meeting and assists in scheduling meetings with authors in Authors Corner, book signings, and other events.
  • Corresponds with and fulfills requests from authors:
    • Corresponds with authors via phone, email, and letter. Responds to requests.
    • Takes book orders for authors and applies author discounts.
    • Prepares rejection letters, proposal and manuscript acknowledgement letters, and acceptance letters.
    • Supports the preparation of royalty statements.
    • Answers general inquiries from authors, reviewers, editors, and staff regarding publication of books.
    • Sends framed book covers and advance copies of books to authors.
  • Manages miscellaneous office functions:
    • Manages purchases, including ordering of supplies, office furniture, and service contracts for office equipment, telephones and office fixtures.
    • Provides the account code for invoices and forwards invoices to Accounting.
    • Maintains organization of the mailroom.
    • Updates the APA Publishing staff phone list.
    • Assists the Publisher, Acquisitions Editor, and others with general administrative help.
  • Assists the Publisher:
    • Provides administrative support to the Publisher, schedules meetings, and processes office communications.
    • Acts as a liaison with the APA.
  • Supports payment of biannual royalties to authors:
    • Works with the Director of Publishing Business Operations to send out the biannual royalty statements and payments to authors.
    • Prepares any additional handouts distributed with the royalty statements.
  • Other duties as assigned




  • Bachelors degree from an accredited university
  • 1-2 years experience working in a professional office environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organization and time management skills
  • Computer literate (Word, Excel, and Outlook)
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Demonstrated customer service abilities
  • Knowledge of basic trouble shooting solutions for the faxes and copiers