Senior DSM Operations Manager and Research Associate
Job Details
American Psychiatric Association HQ - Washington, DC
Full Time


The Senior DSM Operations Manager and Research Associate operations relevant to the maintenance and revisions of DSM-5, including harmonization with ICD, developing strategies, timelines and deadlines for accomplishing development goals; overseeing critical projects from initiation to completion; and collaborating closely with multiple APA departments and outside institutions. In addition, the incumbent works with the Director and Deputy Director of Research in the writing of pertinent DSM-related manuscripts and chapter revisions as well as grant proposals and associated deliverables. The incumbent supports the development and preparation of internal and external communications from the Division of Research by providing editorial and writing assistance for scientific communications of varying complexity. The incumbent provides clinical content matter expertise as they related to all duties and tasks.



  • Project management for the DSM-5 steering committee and associated review committees and their activities.
    • Work with steering committee chairpersons and APA leadership to implement steering committee procedures.
    • Plan and implement review timelines and ensure timely execution of review process.
    • Advise steering committee chairpersons and members on APA policy and procedures relevant to steering committee operations.
    • Plan and implement in-person and teleconference meetings of the steering and review committees, prepare and disseminate meeting agendas and documents, prepare meeting minutes and other steering committee reports for review.
    • Plan and implement DSM-related workshops and conferences.
  • Assist or lead the drafting and editing of pertinent DSM-5 related manuscripts and communications, presentation material for APA leadership, and other Division of Research writing activities.
    • Draft scientific content as assigned, including but not limited to research grant proposals and deliverables, peer-reviewed manuscripts, book chapters, scientific abstracts, presentation materials, technical reports, etc. Content will be developed following established guidelines; in concert with Division of Research leadership; and based on intended audience
    • Provide direct written response to public inquiries (individual and organizational) regarding DSM, ICD-10-CM and related Division of Research initiatives
    • Adapt and review copy to suit a variety of publication formats, including but not limited to academic journals, books, websites, newsletters, talking points, proposals, and print media.
    • Engage in scientific editing to ensure accuracy of content, consistency, cohesiveness and appropriateness of writing style, tone, and usage according to audience and member needs.
  • Respond to DSM-5 diagnostic and coding inquiries from APA members, other organizations, other clinicians, and the general public.
    • Monitor the DSM-5 mailboxes and take Answer Center referrals and referrals direct from the public. Respond to inquiries in a timely manner.
    • Develop letters and reports regarding generic psychiatric diagnostic and coding issues for responding to queries or for broader informational purposes.
    • Advise publishing and communications about proposed and implemented changes to DSM
    • Based on feedback from users and other stakeholders, maintain a list of potential corrections to be made to future printings of DSM-5
    • Work with Communications to develop communications around upcoming DSM changes and other potential controversial issues.
  • Maintain the DSM-5 Web site.
    • Monitor and review DSM-5 Web pages for timeliness of information presented
    • Update DSM-5 Web site when needed, working with APA IT staff as required.
    • Review and collate proposals for new DSM diagnoses before submission to DSM steering committee
    • Create new portals for submission as requirements change
    • Develop and post public comment materials
    • Review and collate results of the DSM public comment period before submission to the DSM steering committee
  • Monitor developments in ICD-10-CM and ICD-11 coding.
    • Monitor ongoing NCHS activities related to ICD-10-CM and ICD-11
    • Ensure that APA and DOR leaderships are kept apprised of ICD-10-CM and ICD-11 developments, including upcoming Revision and Maintenance Committee meetings
    • Advise other APA departments of changes and updates that should be disseminated to members via publications, Web sites, and other vehicles.
    • Create and ensure dissemination of literature alerting health practitioners to coding updates
  • Data analyses and report writing for DSM-5 and other research projects
  • Grant and science writing
  • Performs other duties as assigned.



  • Masters Degree in psychology, social science, or a medical field with at least 5 years experience in a medical professional organization or related setting
  • Doctorate Degree in Psychology or other mental health-relevant field preferred
  • Knowledge and clinical and research application of mental health diagnosis, including DSM and ICD classification and coding
  • Experience writing successful research grant applications
  • Experience with writing and communication of general or mental health research to professional, government, and lay audiences
  • Ability to lead complex projects with multiple deadlines and deliverables
  • Data analysis proficiency with statistical software such as SAS, SPSS, STATA, R.
  • Ability to innovate and work independently
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills