Community Outreach Organizer
Job Details
Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA
Full Time
High School

WHYY seeks a self-motivated, collaborative and connective community organizer to work closely with our Community Contributors and Engagement Editor, the Community Contributors Fellow, and the Vice President for News and Civic Dialogue to build and grow the News and Information Community Exchange, a soon-to-launch collective of local grassroots individuals providing vital information to their neighborhoods and communities through small publications, newsletters, podcasts and bulletins. This is a key position for nurturing a two-way mutual-aid relationship between WHYY and those already servicing their communities. This position continues the work of the WHYY newsroom to orient to solutions-based journalism, to diversify sources, and to build meaningful and lasting relationships with communities of color.


The ideal candidate will have knowledge of Philadelphia’s diverse communities, an articulable passion for social justice and equity, a zeal for the value of local news and information, and a proven track record of organizing. Fluency in online event platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Hopin, is preferred but not required. 




  • Identify and recruit grassroots individuals to the News and Information Exchange  
  • Conduct ongoing needs assessment of Exchange partners and work to address those needs through strategy, ingenuity, collaboration, and resource allocation.  
  • Identify, share and develop, and coordinate professional development and capacity-building opportunities for Exchange partners. 
  • Serve as a liaison between a community of grassroots creators and WHYY.  
  • Pitch, plan and produce discussions, expos and listening sessions in various neighborhoods across the city or online.  
  • Stay up to date on emerging trends in community media. 
  • Develop and maintain relationships with community leaders, journalists, editors and news executives.  
  • Oversee evaluation of outreach and engagement activities.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Community Contributors and Engagement Editor 
  • Must have a strong experience working in communities with diverse populations.

  • Understanding of anti-racism, power dynamics and building equity among communities of color.

  • The ability to meet deadlines under pressure: Much of the organizing work will be impacted if materials or content does not get developed on time.

  • Strong interpersonal skills: You will need to collaborate with a broad range of people. Being able to have difficult conversations and building relationships across differences will be vital.

  • Self-Starter: This position’s success is dependent on your ability to manage your own workload. You will need to take initiative to seek out projects on your own at times for the sake of the organization.

  • Skill in practicing flexibility: Much of the organizing work is dynamic with conditions constantly changing, creating moments where you must feel comfortable stopping one task or project to do something that might be more useful for the organization in the present moment.

  • Can work unconventional hours. This position requires you to attend events or meetings that may occur on weekends or outside the “9-5” window.

  • Well informed on local communities and current events. Creative about organizing virtual communications and developing ideas for how to reach populations not digitally connected.

  • Willingness to be hands-on. We are a small team and at times might need to help one another coordinate logistics for events.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills and self-motivation. 

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

  • Ability to represent WHYY at community events, meetings, and on online forums.  

  • Ability to collaborate in growing WHYY’s brand awareness in communities. 




Education: Knowledge acquired through work experience. H.S diploma preferred, but not required.  


Experience: 1 to 2 years of experience


Technical Skills: Some aptitude for audio and video capturing/editing is a plus, but not required.


Communication Skills: Must be an excellent communicator in the newsroom and out in the community. Languages in addition to English preferred, but not required.