House Manager
Job Details
Fresno Office - Fresno, CA
Full Time
High School
$14.00 - $14.25 Hourly
Nonprofit - Social Services


Can you see yourself being a leader and having a positive impact in the community? 


At Community Catalysts of California, we strive to create an impassioned and fulfilling environment for both our clients and employees. We have been in action for 30 years and have worked tirelessly towards generating a positive impact in our communities. If you are interested in serving your community and becoming a valued asset to our team, please read ahead!


The House Manager is responsible for overseeing direct staff and services provided to supported living clients and for providing direct care to the client. It is important that you have good communication skills, good writing skills, a flexible schedule, and the ability to work with multiple clients in different areas. 



  • Supervises direct care staff in the assigned home(s) to ensure good quality of care to clients.
  • Maintains a safe, healthy, and positive living environment for the assigned clients.
  • Is involved in personnel issues concerning direct care staff such as disciplinary action, reviews, training, etc.
  • Provides direct service at least 70% of logged time.
  • Is responsible for maintaining supplies in the home (groceries, safety equipment, forms, etc.)
  • Carries the On-Call pager as needed.
  • Provides respite care in the home, behavioral intervention/support, problem solving, life skills, medical management, social skills, help with incontinent needs
  • May aid in the lifting/transferring of individuals, safety awareness, record keeping, self-advocacy, community resources, etc.


As a House Manager and part of our team as a catalyst, you will build professional relationships that inspire clients to reach their potential. Catalysts are positive role models and encouraging souls when a client is facing a challenging day. We are committed to advocacy and ensuring client rights are respected. On a day to day basis we work guided by our core values of resourcefulness, compassion, empathy, respect and trust.


Form Connections. Find Meaning. Foster Success. 





  • Must be 18 years of age or older with a minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Must have at least 6 months of experience in working with individuals with disabilities and/or two semesters of training in a related field
  • Must successfully complete a Red Cross approved First Aid and CPR class within 45 days of the date of hire OR already possess a Red Cross approved First-Aid certificate.


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Some of our clients are physically impaired and require assistance into and out of wheelchairs and other assistive devices. This could require physical exertion (i.e. climbing stairs (10% of workday on an as needed basis to provide assistance to client) lifting (120 pounds), walking, stretching, bending, etc.) (20% of the day). The House Manager must be capable of assisting the client when needed. The House Manager must be able to see, hear, and talk in order to address the needs of the client(s) (75% of workday).



  • The House Manager must be capable of making on-site visits to clients, agencies and employers. Often these on-site visits are at a distance from the office and no regular means of public transportation exists. Overnight travel is rare, but may be required for training and as part of a client's program. A House Manager may transport a client as part of his/her job duties. 
  • Community Catalysts of California does not furnish transportation or vehicles for its employees however, mileage is reimbursed. A reliable means of transportation, valid California license and insurance is required.
  • He/she must successfully pass a screening for illicit drug use prior to employment.
  • He/she must possess a record clear from past felonious criminal activity and submit to a Department of Justice criminal activity background check.