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Headquarters - Pittsburgh, PA
Health Care



The position of Recovery Coordinator for the Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE) is one of moderate responsibility. The Recovery Coordinator is responsible to and works under the direction of the Recovery Managers. He/She is responsible for accompanying organ recovery teams to donor hospitals. He/She will assist the recovery team with the perfusion and preservation of post-mortem organs. He/She will be responsible for the recovery of tissue/cornea from post-mortem donors observing and adhering to FDA current Good Tissue Practices and AATB standards. He/She will be responsible for the post-mortem care of local organ and tissue/cornea donors. He/She will have a thorough knowledge of CORE Policy and Procedures regarding tissue/eye recovery, organ recovery, specimen collection and organ and tissue packaging.





The Recovery Coordinator will be responsible for positively educating health care professionals on the donation process. He/She will be responsible for participating in promoting a work environment that is safe-proof, injury free, and fire safe. He/She is responsible for assuring knowledge of current Good Tissue Practices (cGTP) and all changes to organ perfusion. He/She must demonstrate strong interpersonal skills. He/She is responsible for the promotion of a positive workplace that assures the success of the operations of CORE.


A Recovery Coordinator who is Casual status is responsible for providing current availability for schedules to the Recovery Manager, as well as provide CORE with all current contact information (home phone and/or cell phone).

Job Qualifications


The Incumbent for the position of Recovery Coordinator should have some type of medical background, with at least one year of experience in a health-related field. Candidates graduating from a formal education program related to Surgical Technology, Forensic Autopsy, or Mortuary Sciences will also be considered. He/She must have strong communication skills and good independent judgment. He/She must have the ability to get along with all types of individuals and should possess excellent verbal communication skills. He/She must have strong literary skills. He/She must demonstrate professional commitment and behavior, showing respect to all donors and CORE partners. He/She should possess experience with sterile technique. He/She must complete an extensive six (6)-month training period which results in a reasonable outcome. He/She must demonstrate a true support to the donation program. He/She must have the physical stamina to work long, unpredictable hours and must be flexible to work in unpredictable situations. He/She must be able to lift sixty (60) pounds. He/She must have a valid PA state driver’s license. He/She must secure a passport within six (6) months of employment and be willing to travel by plane to distant hospitals. He/She must have good manual dexterity and visual acuity.





The degree of job difficulty for the Recovery Coordinator falls into the moderate range. Inadvertent errors or mistakes could result in the death of a transplant recipient.






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