CNA - Schowalter Villa - FT
Job Details
Schowalter Villa - Hesston, KS
Full Time
High School
Health Care
Coordinate and cooperate as a team member to support residents in their choices and in activities of daily living.
Staff’s roll in resident choices:
· Recognizes residents as unique individuals
· Makes residents aware that they can make requests about their daily routines and how they relate to others
· Offers residents personal control over their own lives as directed by the person-centered plan
· Enhances residents wellness and independence whenever possible
· Takes responsibility for personal decisions and choices that affect resident’ choice

· Value and strive to honor each community member’s choices

Staff's Role in supporting Activities of Daily Living (ADL's):
· Give adequate grooming including dressing, hair combing, peri-care, shampoos, nail care, mouth care, routine skin care, and foot care in consultation with Charge Nurse
· Perform position changes and positioning, restraint care, bed linen change, discard soiled linens, and other items in accordance with Policy and Procedure
· Respond to resident needs under direction of Charge Nurse
· Weigh and record weight/height appropriately. May take vital signs on occasion
· Provide toileting assistance and incontinence care insuring that equipment is kept clean and result recorded. May assist with designated manual feces expulsion. Collect urine and fecal specimens
· Maintain adequate fluid hydration with cool water and nourishment for residents
· Assist residents with buffet dining, honoring their requests. Assisting residents as noted on care plan with meals
· Participate in completion of QA monitors and follow-up care
· Document tasks completed accurately per Policy and Procedure
· Assist with other tasks as assigned by Charge Nurse and as designated in the Policy and Procedure Manual
· Assist residents to and from activities
· Transport and transfer residents for hair care in beauty shop
· Assist in keeping duty book updated
· Assist with other duties as requested
· Initiate activities with residents in groups or one-on-one
· Participate in shift change reports
· Attend Plan of Care meetings when appropriate

· Provide bath care for residents


Nurse Aide Trainee- 40 Hours

  • Completed 40 Hours of the Kansas state approved Nurse Aide Course and will continue the 90 hours and take state test to become certified

Nurse Aide- 90 Hours

  • Completed 90 hour Kansas state approved Nurse Aide Course and is scheduled to take state test to become certified

Nurse Aide I- CNA

  • Certified Nurse Aide in Kansas with no prior experience as a nurse aide at Schowalter Villa or Kidron Bethel Village

Nurse Aide II- CNA

  • Kansas Certified Nurse Aide
  • At least 1 (one) year of nurse aide experience at Schowalter Villa or Kidron Bethel Village
  • Recognized as an outstanding employee that exemplifies a team spirit
  • Plus at least one of the following - Has completed a course in CPR and/or Special Care, has educational credits or training in another discipline (CMA, RT, Activities, SSD), or has actively assisted with orientation of new CNA employees.