Physician Substitute (RN)
Job Details
Royal Palm Plasma Center - Royal Palm Beach, FL
Full Time
High School
Health Care

This Physician Substitute will be responsible for the evaluation of potential donors (health or “disease state”) for automated pheresis procedures. Administration and supervision of approved immunizations other than red blood cell immunizations. Providing limited emergency care including the administration of any medications or treatments in accordance with licensure, training, standing orders and SOP guidance. Working knowledge of center operations. Performance and documentation of medical history interview, including medications, of applicant or qualified donors as outlined in the relevant medical standard operating procedures (SOPs). Phrase and rephrase questions as needed for donor understanding, or to gain more information. Perform and document physical examination of donors and potential donors, including blood pressure and review of body systems as outlined in relevant medical SOPs. Explain and obtain informed consents from donors for phasmapheresis or immunization. This includes explanation of the procedure, hazards, and potential adverse reactions; explanation of immunization schedules, dose and antibody response; providing clear opportunity for donor to refuse participation; obtaining signature and date certifying informed consent. Assess signs and symptoms a donor may exhibit that may contraindicate a donation. Assist in areas when needed.


Education Requirements:

Graduation from a recognized educational program such as nursing, or physician assistant, or the equivalent (generally LPN, RNs, Physician’s Assistant, and Paramedic).

Experience Requirements:

One to two years experience in the hospital or field care. Experience in a plasma center environment is a plus.

Other Essential Knowledge:

Current licensure or certification as required by state law ). Current certification in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Ability to make and analyze a physical assessment of heart, lung sounds, signs of drug use, etc. Ability to instruct donors, staff, and community regarding plasma donation program, and teach donors regarding risks and health issues. Ability to utilize necessary equipment such as pen light, reflex hammer, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff. Ability to work with many types of people in a positive way. Mathematical ability includes basic mathematical functions. Ability to obtain computer experience within six months.