School Bus Driver - Olathe
Job Details
DS Bus Lines - Olathe - Olathe, KS
Essential Functions


School bus drivers provide safe, reliable, clean and courteous school bus transportation to the public. School bus drivers must conduct pre-post trip bus safety inspections, adjust safety devices, operate radios, and operate a 27,000 gross vehicle weight rated school bus.

Essential Functions

  1. Ability to read and comprehend the English language, to identify road signs, read necessary forms, bus route materials, bus inspection forms, and company policies and procedures manual.
  2. Possess basic math skills to keep records of mileage, transfer odometer reading, and calculate fuel usage.  Must be able to count children on buses (1 through 77).                                         
  3. Ability to write legibly in the English Language to maintain necessary records and forms as outlined by the company policy.
  4. Ability to safely execute repetitious climbing in and out of a bus including the ability to evacuate the bus from the rear emergency door.
  5. Ability to operate a wheelchair lift, properly strap and lock the wheelchair in place which requires, bending, pulling, stretching, and mechanical skills to operate safety equipment.
  6. Able to safely operate a 16 to 77 passenger school bus and company sedan vehicles.
  7. Able to lift and move a student.
  8. Able to coordinate two or more physical operations simultaneously such as maneuvering a bus while operating controls, brake engagement, and operate a bus with automatic transmission.
  9. Communicate with children in the English language to maintain control and give precise instructions.
  10. Communicate with school principals and parents in the English language to discuss problems which arise on the bus.
  11. Able to use a two-way radio to transmit and receive messages from the central dispatcher.
  12.  Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously such as drive while concentrating on the safety of children, read road signs, and be aware of traffic conditions and stay on schedule.


  1. Must be able to jump out of a bus (3-foot drop) and climb from the emergency door.
  2. Have the ability to walk forward and backward in the bus without assistance.
  3. You will be tested on emergency evacuation procedures.

Supervisory Responsibility


Work Environment

  1. Must be able to tolerate hot and cold weather.
  2. Ability to work in an environment with limited to moderate level of supervision and an atmosphere of informal autonomy: This requires adaptability to variable pressures and paces in any given workday.
  3. Able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously while concentrating on the safety of children, as well as their physical, mental, or emotional needs.
  4. Be able to tolerate diesel fuel fumes, odors, and moderate dust conditions

Physical Demands
Standing/ Walking:

Activity: Pre-and Post-trip inspection of the bus, loading, and unloading of students.

Longest Single Duration: 10 Minutes.

Grade: Varies

Terrain: Gravel/blacktop/Concrete and/or bus aisle 22 steps to the back of the bus.  Bus aisle is 12” wide.


Total Time: 3-7 hours.

Activity: While driving the bus.    

Longest Single Duration:  2 hours.

Type of Seat: 17” x 17” bus seat that offers vibrations.  Seat set back 40” from the accelerator and brake.  Seat will adjust 12” before steering Colum.


Activity: Must lift wheelchair dependent children during emergency situations (50 lbs.).


Activity:  Grasping wheelchair handles

Frequency:  6 to 8 times per day (more frequent on handicap buses)

Handle Height:  30 to 42 inches

Handle Distance:  Body width plus an area for walking

Securement of the parking brake, wheelchair, lap belt, etc.

Bending or stooping:

Activity: For pre-post trip inspection purposes. Employee must negotiate body level changes i.e. bending and stooping, to inspect the bus, securement of the wheelchair, lap belt and other safety restraints.

Frequency:  Varies


Activity: Climbing in and out of the bus.

Frequency: 6 to 8 times per day. More frequent if on handicap bus.

Note:  Three 12” steps each approximately.


Activity: To turn on ignition 18" from the steering wheel.

Operate left side control panel, emergency exits, and service door.   Operate lights - 18" forward reach. Operate radio - overhead reach to 45" from top of the seat.


Activity: Must distinguish colors of electric traffic signals to determine red, yellow, and green.

Visual sight must be maintained with current State and Federal requirements.


Position Type/Expected Hours of Work

Workday hours are 4 - 8 hours per day.


Required Education and Experience

  1. Must possess and be able to maintain from their state of residence at least a valid B Commercial Driver's License and must be able to obtain and possess their P&S endorsements.
  2. Must be 21years of age or older at the time of hire.
  3. Must pass the physical examination for drivers as prescribed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
  4. Must pass a drug screen/ alcohol screen and submit to random, periodic, post-accident, and reasonable cause drug testing as required or requested.
  5. Must complete 36 to 40 hours of training including classroom and defensive driving tests.
  6. Must be a U.S. Citizen or have proper Immigration and Naturalization Service’s work permits.
  7. Must meet minimum Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) criteria.
  • Any DWI, DUI, revocation and/ or suspension on your MVR within the last five (5) years or
  • Any or a combination of three offenses listed, within the last two years, will prevent the hiring of a driver.
  • Examples: 3 moving violations; 2 moving violations and 1 preventable accident; 1 moving violation and 2 preventable accident

       8. Must be willing to submit, or have a felony criminal record check.

Other Duties
Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice.