Coordinator, LARC Autism Resource Center
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Part Time
Up to 5%
1st Shift



Coordinator, LARC Autism Resource Center


LARC is looking for a motivated and dedicated person to develop and manage our new Autism Resource Center.  The center will provide students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their parents the guidance and support to help prepare them to live fully in the community.  The candidate should be familiar with the legal and financial implications facing families who are raising a child or youth with ASD, as well as having a strong knowledge of available support services. The candidate must be interested in creating new programs, and have experience working with children and youth on the autism spectrum.

The Coordinator will perform the following essential duties:

  • Demonstrate initiative and responsibility for pursuing resources for families
  • Be supportive to parents and guardians of children and youth with autism by providing information and guidance such as B23 services, IEP process, 504 process, IDEA federal act, funding sources including insurance and HUSKY
  • Assist in identifying and acquiring resource materials that will benefit families
  • Maintain physical environment to create welcoming space for families and individuals with ASD
  • Complete daily reporting of meetings with families and create a database for contacts
  • Encourage and direct parents about getting a diagnosis from their pediatrician if necessary
  • Make clear recommendations in writing for parents to take to school systems to get services and include ideas of how parents can modify/adjust home life to better help their child
  • Identify speakers and schedule virtual and live events on relevant topics customized towards specific age groups and parents
  • Establish bi-weekly playgroup for preschoolers with ASD and their parents for social interaction and support
  • Create bi-weekly afterschool Homework Club for youths with ASD to promote socialization and provide instructional support
  • Work to develop relationships with area school superintendents and special education teachers towards creating compatible programs
  • Collaborate and communicate with ARC Advisory Committee
  • Oversee Sensory Garden and manage maintenance by volunteers and staff
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisors or Executive Director

This is a part-time position with a flexible schedule that has the potential to move to full-time.  Schedule must include morning and afternoon hours each week and possibly one night per month.



Education and training:

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited program in an area of human services, which includes but may not be limited to the following: psychology, social work, counseling.  OR
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited program in any area plus two years of direct experience.
  • Required: Special Education or Teaching Certificate
  • Candidates with training in and experience in Applied Behavior Analysis are strongly encouraged to apply. 
  • Board Certification as a Behavior Analyst would be ideal.