Principal Opening for 2022-23 at Frassati Catholic Academy
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Principal Opening for 2022/23 SY at Frassati Catholic Academy

Frassati Catholic Academy conveniently located in Thornton, Colorado is looking for a new principal for the 2022-2023 academic year. Frassati Catholic Academy currently serves 344 students in grades Preschool 8; 94% of the student population is Catholic and 42% is Hispanic/Latino.

Classical education trains the mind to learn, to think and to persuade skills that are urgently needed to navigate our complex modern world. Contrary to other methods that reach too early for technology or the latest fads, the Classical model uses proven methods perfected over centuries to form students to be critical thinkers, ethical problem solvers, and socially responsible citizens, giving its students the foundation they need to be successful in any area. Studies show that Catholic schools benefit young people in various ways: higher academic achievement among students of similar backgrounds, lower drop-out rates, and higher college enrollment rates. It may seem counterintuitive, but our students score better on standardized test scores precisely because that is not our focus. We work to engage our students as individuals and to make the personal investment necessary for each one of them to reach his or her own potential.
The Catholic faith permeates everything we do at Frassati Catholic Academy, as our schools traditions are founded on the traditions and devotions of the Catholic Church. Every day begins with prayer and celebration of our Catholic community in our prayer space in the heart of our campus. All classes are taught through the lens of the Catholic faith, with students often reading foundational Church documents, the Bible, works by the saints, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Students receive direct instruction in the faith as well as spend time learning in the Atrium through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. Mass is held every Friday morning for the whole school, and classes pray together in our chapel. Monthly adoration and reconciliation services are also held for all classes.

To learn more about Frassati Catholic Academy and our community, please visit our website at Frassati Catholic Academy | The Next Level in Catholic Education (

Job Description

The school Principal is a disciple on mission to spread the Good News, who meets the requirements to administer the overall education program in a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Denver, and disciple others within the educational community of the Catholic school to create an "apostolic-friendly" environment that will encourage creative missionary initiative in the school.

As the leader of the school, the principal plays a critical role in safeguarding and promoting the aim of the school, which is to lead students to encounter and grow as students of Jesus Christ, directing the school's activity, learning, teaching, culture, and formation towards that aim.

The principal is responsible for directing all work of the school to the direction of the Holy Spirit, providing opportunities to students for Catholic growth, and in ministering to students and staff. The principal is responsible for administering the schools education program, supervising teaching, administrative and support staff, implementing curriculum guidelines and standards, supervise and direct all other programs and services provided at or by the school. The principal is expected to abide by the policies and procedures of the local school, the Archdiocese of Denver, and the Office of Catholic Schools. The principal interacts and relates to students, parents, parish and school communities, board of directors/trustees, and the general public.


The following are considered minimum requirements for persons seeking employment as a principal. A principal hired for an Archdiocesan Catholic school shall:

  • Be a Catholic in good standing with the Church, who assents to the Churchs teachings on all matters, with particular care for those concerning the nature of the human person, sexual ethics, and sexual morality.
  • Have a strong commitment to the importance of the Catholic school ministry to the mission of the Church.
  • Possess graduate level academic credentials and/or professional background in education, leadership, or related field.
  • Have previous teaching experience; previous administrative experience is preferred.
  • Be committed to the Archdiocese of Denvers vision and philosophy for Catholic education.
  • Be committed to a Catholic educational program rooted in the foundations of western civilization, an understanding of history that highlights the essential contributions of Christianity to the development of western culture, and literature that enables young men and women to grapple the big questions of life in pursuit of what is true, good, and beautiful.

All principal applicants must be screened and approved by the Office of Catholic Schools prior to local interviews. Ideal candidates:

  • Bring awareness and understanding of adolescent development and the challenges adolescents and young adults face in the secular and morally relativist world of today.
  • Are supportive and willing to drive ongoing school renewal through the strengthening of authentic Catholic education.
  • Are collaborative leaders who evaluate information before making a decision/taking action.
  • Exude trust and respect among students, faculty, parents and the Boards.
  • Possess a strong positive, can-do attitude with a strong bias for action based on realistic, specific, and attainable goals.

In addition, the principal is expected to adhere to the minimum requirements for Catechist Certification as set forth by the Archdiocese of Denver.

To apply, please click on the link Principal (

The Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools is an investment in the future of our children and our Catholic faith.

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