Job Details
Sanford - Sanford, FL
Full Time/Safety Sensitive
First Shift


• Safely perform removal, installation, and/or fabrication of aircraft interiors (which may include seats, carpets, galleys, closets, lavatories, side ledges, bulkheads, doors and panels)

• Coordinate with supervision and Inspection to ensure compliance with Repair Station procedures, internal and FAA paperwork, sign-offs and quality specifications

• Install cabin and cockpit seats and furniture

• Fabricates and pre-fit interior components associated with the modification specs and does simple layout on such items as O2 boxes, brackets, clips, lights and gaspers etc.

• Seeks methods to cross train to develop technical skills and business knowledge.

• Removes and installs all interior components and soundproofing materials to meet company quality standards

• Reads and interprets blueprints, drawings, and production procedures to determine measurements and installation procedures

• Measures and marks installation areas in aircraft interior, using measuring and marking instruments and templates

• Fits and installs items in aircraft, using hand tools, power tools, and fasteners, such as screws, rivets, bolts, and speed nuts

• Fabricates and installs supporting structural devices, such as clips, brackets, angles, gussets, and doublers, using shop equipment

• Tests functional performance of installed items

• Performs other duties as required



• Experience in aerospace industry highly desired

• High school diploma or GED

• Able to distinguish alignment on intricate parts

• Advanced knowledge of aircraft installation and/or fabrication processes applicable to the specific position, such as removal and installation of galleys, closets, lavatories, side ledges, bulkheads, doors, panels; working with composite panels made from composite honeycomb, fiberglass, Lexan, acrylic materials, etc.

• Must possess required tools and tool box

• Basic computer skills

• Visual capacity and muscular dexterity to work on fine detail, high cost products with a minimum of errors and rework. Must be able to climb in and out of aircraft and perform work in tight or confined places and positions

• Requires excellent communication skills

• Ability to work in a team environment

• Must be flexible with shift work

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