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Job Details

Sanford - Sanford, FL
Full Time/Safety Sensitive
First Shift


-Perform general mechanical functions on aircraft cabinets and related systems. This shall include, but not be limited to, items such as removal and installation of cabinets, modification, re-laminating, re-finishing, veneering or fabrication of new cabinets.
-Ability to spray and polish gloss/satin coatings.
-Ability to perform minor modifications.
-Ability to perform wood touch up repairs.
-Maintenance and repair equipment and tooling when required.
-Cleanliness of shop and surroundings.
-Work independently when required.
-Any other job-related duties as assigned by supervisor or management.


-Education High school diploma or equivalent.
-Experience 3-5 years experience on aircraft cabinetry to include building, modification, and finishing
-Strong mechanical aptitude within Aviation with an understanding of aircraft interiors and associated components, including repairs and fabrications.
-Computer Skills Basic Computer skills.
-Experience in Aviation Maintenance Software Programs, Corridor background preferred.
-Written and verbal communication skills.
-Responsibility Able to perform all work in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.
-Follow all company and safety rules during performance of duties.
-Maintain customer oriented work habits.

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