Account Analyst - Client Services
Job Details
Michigan - Rochester Hills, MI
Full Time
4 Year Degree


Retail Bloom began in 2015, and is a division of Aleva Stores. Retail Bloom is a third-party Marketplace Service Provider that provides all-inclusive services to brands, retailers, and distributors to drive sales on online e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon,, eBay, and Jet.

Aleva Stores began in 1957 and is now a third generation multi-channel retailer based in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  The company currently operates twelve e-commerce websites.  Aleva Stores has a state-of-the-art distribution center that processes an average of 2,000 shipments daily with seasonal daily spikes as high as 10,000 shipments.  We also offer third party fulfillment services and we've grown to become the logistical backbone for many companies.  

We are looking for great people to join our team!

Looking for an opportunity to join a fast growing team within an e-commerce environment? Aleva Stores is hiring an Account Analyst for our Retail Bloom division to manage all facets of Retail Bloom clients product listings on various marketplace channels, to ensure that the brand vision is executed throughout the listing. The Account Analyst will multitask and be accountable for the status and execution of projects and day-to-day activities including advertising, content creation, imagery, and feedback management / follow-up. 



  • Day to day management of brand
    • On-boarding new client & ongoing management 
      • Work with Retail Bloom Team Lead and Sales Manager to launch new clients 
      • Coordinate with content team to set priorities and manage project flow internally via project management tools 
      • Launch and/or manage brand registry account for client 
      • Stand as main point of contact for all backend troubleshooting efforts 
    • Manage and execute advertising strategy
      • Meet with Team Lead and Client to develop advertising campaign goals
      • Assist Team Lead with overall ad campaign strategy 
      • Coordinate with Team Lead  to implement Amazon and other marketplace advertising campaigns 
      • Perform keyword research and structure and create new tightly-themed ad campaigns that ensure a smooth buying journey from the search to the click to the purchase.
      • Monitor, optimize, and analyze advertising data on an ongoing basis  based on determined aCos, TaCos, and campaign goals via advertising software platform 
    • Feedback Genius 
      • Meet with Team Lead and Client to develop feedback and customer question responses 
      • Create customer review campaigns to monitor reviews by parent style 
      • Review and manage seller review solicitation, product review solicitation, negative feedback management, follow-up email series with the support of virtual assistants and Retail Bloom Support employees 
    • Reporting 
      • Meet with Client and Team Lead to determine reporting KPIs
      • Launch automated reporting dashboard and manage client KPIs
      • Analyze sales, sessions, buy box, conversion, TaCos, and propose solutions to Team Leads to reach goals 
      • Build & present initial Annual Business Review (ABR) reports to Team Leads and Sales Team 
    • Content Management 
      • Facilitate a product line review with all new clients to become a brand expert on all product lines 
      • Work with Team Leads as they work with clients to adapt their brand vision and brand assets to marketplace best practices for storefronts, navigation and product listings
      • Conduct keyword research and rewrite product listings with SEO terms 
      • Launch and manage PIM tool integrations for product feeds 
      • Monitor quality of all product listings via PIM tool reports 
      • Proofread and edit all product listing and storefront content 
      • Conduct competitor analysis and propose to client new product photography and video requests 
      • Optimize Amazon Stores based on the analysis of conversion, product releases, and traffic 
      • Create and optimize A+ pages with client assets 
      • Coordinate SKU builds in ERP systems with Inventory and Support teams 
      • Manage content and assets development and project flow internally, including but not limited to image creation, visual layout and written content. 
  • Perform other duties as required and assigned.


  • Portfolio size of at least $30,000 in bottom line profit, and at least 6 client relationships

  • Education hours of 5/month

  • NPS of 60+ company-wide



  • 1 year professional work or substantial internship experience required
  • Bachelor's degree required
  • Ability to be flexible & adapt to dynamic environment
  • Self starter with strong initiative and work ethic
  • Good facilitator that works well with teams both internally or externally
  • Positive attitude with high energy and a go getter spirit
  • Creative and analytical problem solving skills
  • Familiarity with content creation / creative writing
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills 
  • Advanced experience with Microsoft Excel preferred
  • The ability to multitask and stay cool under pressure
  • An approach that is self-motivated, professional, and positive
  • An excellent writing and speaking ability



  • Health insurance plan options (medical, dental, and vision)
  • Paid holidays off
  • Generous paid time off (PTO) plan
  • Volunteer Day to give back to charitable organization in the community
  • Cultural Diversity Days to celebrate important dates in your culture
  • 401(k) plan with a 4% match on contributions
  • Reimbursement of $90/quarter for wellness initiatives (ie. gym membership, weight loss program, smoking cessation)
  • Bicycles and yoga mats provided to use at work