Senior Data Analyst
Job Details
American Psychiatric Association HQ - Washington, DC
Full Time


The candidate will provide statistical consultation and support to all Division of Research, data analytic, data management, and other research activities especially those being conducted to inform enhancements or maintenance of DSM and PsychPRO. He or she will work with the Managing Director of Research to develop and implement data security and validation processes related to internal and acquired external limited data. The incumbent will research, analyze, and summarize research findings related to all Division of Research projects. In addition, the incumbent will work to acquire and maintain multiple large administrative and national health survey databases, perform statistical analyses, and provide consultation and some supervision on study design and methods.



  • Acquisition and management of large administrative databases (e.g., administrative databases with patient-level and quasi-identifiable data [limited data] that are needed for independent projects, augment data from PsychPRO for various research projects, CMS Claims data, other National health surveys data sets etc.).
    • Assist with the acquisition of administrative databases especially those with patient-level and quasi-identifiable data [limited data].
    • Assist or take the lead in identifying and negotiating the acquisition of large administrative and health survey databases needed to address questions relevant to mental health policy to inform the APA leadership and other divisions (e.g., Government Relations, Policy Programs and Partnerships etc.).
    • Assist or take the lead in overseeing the management and security of the acquired databases especially those with patient-level and quasi-identifiable data (e.g., CMS Claims data and other national data sets) including development of data sets in formats suitable for analysis with commonly used statistical packages.
    • Track research and projects using data from the various data sources.
    • Provide data support and troubleshoot for researchers and fellows using data from the various data sources.
  • Lead analytic and data management for DoR-driven DSM-5 and registry-related research
    • Implement re-identification risk analysis for each research project that request use of the APA registry data (PsychPRO, AMNet, etc.) and other limited data sets acquired form external sources.
    • Ensure that data extraction and use are in compliance with research principles and guidelines for approved projects.
    • Help inform the development of research projects to enhance/maintain DSM.
    • Work with Chief and Managing Director on informing the study design and methodology for all proposed APA research projects.
    • Help to interpret the results of data analyses across studies and prepare the findings for dissemination at scientific meetings or presentations to leadership and other administration members.
  • Data management and statistical analyses on research data sets at the request of APA administration. This may include data arising from PsychPRO, data acquired from external sources, as well as APA Foundation program evaluation or intervention studies.
    • Prepare data from the acquired data sources or APA Foundation program evaluation and intervention studies for analysis, including merging data from various sources, recoding data, and creation of new variables and modification of data to fit the questions being asked (e.g., policy and advocacy questions of relevance to the APA and its members).
    • Decide on appropriate software and analysis techniques to be used.
    • Run analyses using SAS/SUDAAN and other software as appropriate.
    • Geocoding, spatial mapping and analyses.
    • Help to interpret the results of data analyses across studies and prepare the findings for dissemination at scientific meetings or presentations to leadership and other administration members.
    • Assist and/or take the lead in report writing.
    • Manage an archive which completely documents all data analyses performed at APA.
  • Provide consultation to DOR administration on methodological issues.
    • Provide consultation on study design, sample size & power calculations, and analytic strategies for proposed APA research projects.
    • Provide evaluation of design and methods of external projects and published articles in response to requests for APA comments.
  • Assist with supervision of APA Psychiatric Research fellows, interns, and other APA staff who will utilize these data sources for their research projects.
    • Work with the Chief and Managing Director of Research in the supervision of APA Psychiatric Research fellows, APAF Small Grantees and interns on their award-related projects.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.




  • Masters or higher in Epidemiology, Statistics, Bioinformatics, or related field, with applicable data analyst experience in a research environment especially working with large administrative databases (experience working with CMS claims data or similar claims data is preferred).
  • Minimum 5 years work experience in all aspects of statistical analysis of complex research data sets; or an equivalent combination of education and experience is acceptable.
  • Strong data management and quantitative analytic and problem-solving skills including longitudinal data analyses (e.g., multi-level and mixed method analyses) and big data analysis (i.e., predictive analytics, NLP, etc.).
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the landscape of medical data structure and data processing is a must.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience using SAS/SUDAAN software for statistical analysis.
  • Knowledge of sampling strategies and sample size determination and their effects on analyses and findings. Familiarity with principles of ArcGIS is desirable.
  • Ability to summarize research findings in written and graphical form.
  • Ability to work with others as a team (teamwork).