NP or PA (Bi-Lingual English/Russian)
Job Details
La Clinica - Saint Paul, MN
.50 FTE

We strongly encourage people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ individuals to apply Bi-lingual Russian-English applicants required. 

This is a 0.5, benefit eligible position.


This is a position for a family or adult medicine provider. Care would be provided predominantly via telehealth and in person at our La Clinica location for a predominantly home-bound patient population. We serve a diverse community and seek applicants who reflect this diversity.  

  • Seek to understand and meet the needs of customers (patients, families, vendors, co-workers, etc.) through respectful, courteous and culturally sensitive interactions.
  • Great communication skills and excellent technical abilities to serve as a telemedicine provider.
  • Comfort in interacting with patients over mediated communication using an application like Zoom.
  • Actively participate and works positively, flexibly and cooperatively in a team effort within and across departments to accomplish the goals of the organization. Willingly assist in areas other than that of primary responsibility for the good of the organization.
  • Demonstrate effective, culturally sensitive communication skills and effectively communicate verbally and in writing with a variety of people.
  • Know, understand and adhere to organizational policy related to the patient's rights for confidential care.
  • Utilize appropriate and effective patient care plans including adequate diagnosis, treatments, consultations and outcomes.
  • Manage patients to assure continuity of care including adequate scheduling of return visits, completion of treatment plans and follow-up of chronic problems, tests and no-shows.
  • Provide appropriate interpersonal care which includes introducing oneself; treating patients with care, compassion, and courtesy; responding in a non-judgmental and culturally sensitive manner; listening to and answering questions from patients; and clearly explaining diagnoses and treatments.
  • Provide whole person care by using appropriate referrals to the social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, and by integrating the biological, social, psychological and environmental factors.
  • Utilize cost-containment measures by prescribing only necessary medication, generic when possible, and ordering only necessary referrals, procedures and tests when appropriate.
  • Provide appropriate patient education including explanation of diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and use of medications. Instruct patients about health care maintenance and using appropriate patient education handouts and classes.
  • Provide and document periodic health screening and preventive care, including baseline and interval physical exam, as well as recommended testing within standard of care guidelines.

Organizational Overview
As Minnesota's largest Federally Qualified Health Center, Minnesota Community Care ensures that the communities we serve have access to high quality and affordable health care. Approximately 87% of our patients in the 2019 calendar year were people of color from Asian, African American, American Indian or Latino communities, and 98% of our patients had incomes below 200% of federal poverty guidelines.



  • Board certification
  • DEA certification
  • Minnesota state NP/PA License


  • Minimum of one year of experience in direct patient care preferred.


  • Fluent Russian speaking
  • Understanding of telehealth medium and need to collaborate with care team members