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Restaurant General Manager

Job Details

Canoe Place Inn and Cottages - Hampton Bays, NY
Full Time
4 Year Degree
Hospitality - Hotel


The Restaurant General Manager holds a unique position as both the front-of-the-house senior manager as well as the administrative manager of the restaurant. They are responsible for ensuring an exceptional dining experience, impeccable sanitation and the health and safety of all our employees and guests. Their work is dynamic and daily activities are broad and varied. They supervise the reservationists and hosts, the entire front of the house team, and the wine and beverage programs. They act as a liaison between the front and the back of the house to create a tightly knit team of leaders so that professionalism, cooperation, and enthusiasm can flourish. They are responsible for inventories, laundry management, operating supplies procurement, licenses, and administrative community relationships. They set and achieve guest experience quality and cost goals and act as the face of the restaurant when in the front of the house.



  • Manages the day-to-day activities of the restaurant. As such they have full responsibility for the physical premises, all assets and the entire guest experience
  • Oversees all food and beverage service activities ensuring an exceptional dining experience and a consistent sequence of service and service techniques
  • Trains and oversees the reservationists and hosts
  • Oversees the wine & beverage program in coordination with the Restaurant/Beverage Manager, the Chef de Cuisine, the Executive Chef/Culinary Director and the Director of Operations
  • Creates and maintains a motivational upselling program for food and beverages, and helps analyze menu item popularity and pricing, suggesting modifications to optimize revenue and profits
  • Processes the weekly food, beverage, reservationist and host payroll, and manages all HR related issues including discipline and annual activity cycles for those departments
  • Has a complete understanding of all food and beverage items offered in the restaurant including ingredients, methods of preparation, and proper service for each item
  • Has a good understanding of classical culinary terms and a complete knowledge of all wines and other beverages available in the restaurant, including pronunciation, taste and geographic origin
  • Implements, services and manages all special events, holiday events and private dining events
  • Coordinates with the service and stewarding teams to ensure that all china, glassware, flatware and linens are properly cleaned and stocked at all times, and that the entire restaurant is immaculate at all times.
  • Oversees the processing of all in-house linens and employee uniforms
  • Takes a leadership role in the preparation of the annual operating budget and in monthly financial analysis meetings, taking action to optimize operating results
  • Acts as the liaison with police, fire and other municipal authorities
  • Ensures that all appropriate individuals are trained in the Heimlich Maneuver, First Aid, CPR, AED and has a full working knowledge of all fire and life safety systems in the restaurant
  • Oversees the receiving, storage and stocking of all service-related goods, operating equipment and operating supplies, as well as periodic inventories and the re-ordering of these items
  • Must be willing and able to perform any related or similar tasks assigned by their supervisor


  • Four-year college degree preferred.
  • ServeSafe manager certification from the National Restaurant Association
  • Certificate of Sanitation from the American Sanitation Institute
  • At least five years of increasing responsibility in restaurant management
  • At Least three years of mixed experience as a bartender & a sommelier
  • Two to three years of supervisory experience over at least 30 employees
  • Leadership in an executive role; opening and/or change management experience desirable
  • Two to three years of experience overseeing a sophisticated wine and beverage program
  • Diverse experience in food preparation and related roles highly desirable
  • An in-depth knowledge of the various processes for restaurant management; food & beverage sourcing, procurement, preparation and handling; and food and labor cost control
  • Experience in Sales & Marketing, Accounting and/or Human Resources desirable
  • Must be able to pass a background check.


  • Warm and engaging personality with good communication and interpersonal skills, especially verbal, with management, co-workers, guests, and other parties
  • Very self-confident and mature; able to manage systems, employees, and demanding guests
  • Extremely self-sufficient with good analytical, administrative, and problem-solving skills
  • Good discretion and independent judgement in evaluating data and determining courses of action
  • Ability to interpret, and implement management policies or operating practices
  • Good self-discipline with an ability to complete tasks independently
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks, issues, co-workers, and guests in stressful situations and take responsibility in a professional manner
  • A well-developed sense of taste and smell and a passion for food and cuisine