West Coast Organizer
Job Details
Full Time
$51,633.00 - $64,541.00 Salary/year

The West Coast Organizer is responsible for developing and implementing strategies that will lead to supporter growth and increase participation in activism around Amnesty International USA’s campaigns and program work.  The position requires an individual with experience working with volunteers and understands how to engage people, cultivate leadership, and build community partnerships.   



  • Develop and implement community organizing and campaign advocacy strategies in assigned states.  

  • Engage and mobilize a grassroots activist to take action on campaigns and program work. 

  • Increase number of activists supporters and cultivate new prospects using both online and offline strategies. 

  • Identify, recruit, and oversee a diverse pool of volunteer leaders.  

  • Move volunteers into various levels of engagement to support local and national leadership positions. 

  • Assist in the development and execution of both offline and online, small and large scale events throughout the year to increase supporter base and visibility. 

  • Provide coaching and technical assistance to activist community members, helping them to use technology and online outreach to further organizing goals. 

  • Cultivate and foster activists led actions and events.  

  • Assess and deliver training needs and develop skills capacity to support activist development and increase the impact of their actions. 

  • Build awareness on human rights issues through Human Rights Education. 

  • Represents Amnesty International USA to external partners and fosters collaboration and alliances. 

  • Monitor and report on local developments happening at the municipal and state level that have human rights impact. 

  • Track and report on grassroots activism throughout assigned states. 

  • Help advance goals outlined by AIUSA’s Organizing Unit. 

  • Participates in shared responsibility and collaboration with volunteer leaders. 

  • Other duties as assigned 


Experience required: 

  • 3-5 years of social justice organizing experience 

  • Experience working with volunteers 

  • Experience in public speaking, training, and facilitating 

  • Knowledge of digital organizing and how to use technology to scale organizing and advocacy initiatives 

  • Knowledge of national and state legislative systems 

  • Knowledge of global and domestic human rights issues  

  • Valid drivers license 

Skills required: 

  • You understand the fundamentals of organizing, the difference between organizing and mobilization, and deeply believe your job is to help people step into leadership and drive change in the issues that affect their lives. 

  • You’ve got strong organization and tracking skills. You keep projects moving, pay attention to detail, make sure things don’t slip through the cracks, and meet deadlines. 

  • You get that ultimately, organizing is about building connections and relationships. You believe that technology should be in service of organizing, not the other way round. 

  • Strong written and oral communication skills. 

  • Demonstrate proficiency in organizing offline and online. 

  • Fluent in Microsoft Office, Excel, Google Sheets, and CRMs (customer relationship management), texting (Thrutext, Hustle) 

  • Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail. 

  • Ability to work under pressure and on multiple projects. 

  • Ability to speak a second language is preferred 

  • Must be able to travel up to 25% of the time and work on weekends and evenings as needed.

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