Peer Mentor ***Hutchinson, KS***
Job Details
Hutchinson Outpatient Office - Hutchinson, KS
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Health Care
Job Summary and Qualifications

Under the clinical supervision of the Facility Director (or their designee), the Peer Mentors at the Mirror treatment programs are responsible for providing clients with support and assistance in order to further their recovery goals and objectives. Peer Mentors shall operate in accordance with the policies set forth by the Board of Directors and as implemented by his/her supervisors and they shall abide by all applicable laws and regulations.  Peer Mentors shall adhere to the policies and procedures set forth in the KDADS peer support services policy statement. Peer Mentors must be a Kansas Certified Peer Mentor (KCPM) or Kansas Certified Person-Centered Case Manager (PCCM) or eligible to become one and have completed the KDADS approved (15 hour) peer mentor or person-centered case management training. The duties of this position include case management type services for the clients served, individual and group meetings related to peer mentoring services and monitoring of client’s behavior while at community-based events or appointments.



  1. High school diploma or General Educational Development certificate.
  2. One year living in healthy sustained recovery from SUD and/or BH addictions.
  3. Be a Kansas Certified Peer Mentor (KCPM) or Kansas Certified Person-Centered Case Manager (PCCM) or eligible to become one.
  4. Completion of the KDADS approved 15-hour training.
  5. Read the BHS Peer Mentor Code of Ethics and sign the statement on the Application affirming adherence to this code and signed affirmation of Merit of Public Trust statement.
  6. Experience in supervising and interacting with persons addicted to drugs or the prison population would be desirable.
  7. Must be proficient in computer skills and/or experience or skills with an Electronic Health Record. 
  8. Good reading, writing and communication skills.
  9. Ability to organize and prioritize and follow through with multiple tasks related to client charting.
  10. Must be able to pass background checks authorized by the agency.
  11. Employees who have been diagnosed with any type of substance use disorder or behavioral addiction/compulsion must have sustained a minimum of two consecutive years of abstinence from all intoxicating substances and symptoms of their chemical and/or behavioral addiction; and must be in full sustained remission.
  12. Job functions in this position may involve some walking, climbing stairs, bending, lifting (or assisting) up to 40/50 pounds.
  13. If person is a former client of this agency then they need to have been discharged from here for at least 6 months.


Duties and Responsibilities

1.             Work with assigned Counselor to provide case management type services to the assigned population with the goal of helping the newly recovering client to transition into a recovery lifestyle.

2.             Provide group presentations as required.

3.             Provide educational presentations as required.

4.             Provide transportation for clients to community-based providers.  This might include appointments to court hearings, doctor’s offices, parole/probation officers, etc...

5.             Maintain a record of all peer mentoring activities and documentation of the wellness plan within Credible.

6.             Maintain client and program confidentiality as required by federal laws.

7.             Monitor referred clients as necessary when on Mirror property, at Mirror related activities in the community or while at scheduled appointments with community providers.

8.             Be available for case staffing conferences when requested by your supervisor.

9.             Assist Mirror's counseling and administrative staff with KDADS compliance and/or funding source audit conditions.

10.           Perform other job-related functions as directed by your immediate supervisor.