Carriage Hill - Executive Director
Job Details
Carriage Hill Retirement - Bedford, VA
Full Time

Carriage Hill Retirement is looking for a true leader, confident in their abilities, passionate about service, and inspirational to others, to join our team! The Executive Director is the leader of the community. He or she will oversee the planning, direction and implementation of all programs and policies of the community, and ensures the efficient and effective administration and execution of the company business plan. The Executive Director is responsible for marketing and public relations activities to maintain occupancy goals. He or she strives to ensure resident, family and associate satisfaction. They work with their leadership team to coordinate resident care, resident activities and grow a phenomenal lineup with hiring, training and scheduling community staff.


  • Medical, Dental, Vision
  • Suplemental Insurance Options
  • 10K Life Insurance policy sponsor by Company!
  • PTO - You will never run out of PTO!
  • Ability to grow your career/advance your career
Skills and Experience


The following job functions have been determined to be essential to the position of the Executive Director. Because of fluctuations in workload demands, as well as tasks often overlapping, frequency ranges and percentages vary by assignment, day of week, day, evening or night shift, etc. However, low frequency and percentage or duration of time spent on a particular task may not indicate lack of importance. Carriage Hill Retirement reserves the right to modify this list of essential and other functions as deemed necessary.

  • Responsible for leading management, and staff in a manner that supports and guides the organizations mission as defined by the parent company
  • Responsible for serving as a resident advocate, and acting in the best interest of the residents and community, taking their care and safety into consideration with all operational decisions
  • Acting in an ethical manner with regard to all operational information and access to resident and company information, and making informed operational decisions that support ethical guidelines
  • Ensure the management team and staff are being held accountable to abide by the company policies and procedures, company code of ethical conduct, and the employee handbook
  • Ensure management team receives feedback and reporting on their performance timely, and hold them accountable to do the same for their teams
  • Analyze operations to evaluate performance of employees and management team in meeting objectives and to determine areas of potential cost reduction, program improvement, or policy change
  • Provide leadership, coaching, and management and direction regarding any concerns related to management team and responsibility of upholding company standards and performing assigned job duties
  • Appoint department heads or managers, and assign or delegate responsibilities to them as applicable
  • Attend and participate in meetings determined by facility or organization, and commit leadership and responsibility for decisions made on behalf of the facility
  • Responsible for communicating effectively with the residents and staff in a timely and accurate manner, all necessary information for the facility to function properly, and for the team to make informed decisions
  • Responsible to ensure all complaints, and/or grievances or violations of law or policy are carried out according to company policy, and are concurrent with company code of ethical conduct
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of budgetary control systems, recordkeeping systems and other administrative control processes as necessary
  • Direct and coordinate the community financial and budgetary activities in order to fund operations, maximize revenues, and increase efficiency
  • Responsible for the fiscal integrity of the community, to include submission to regional office a proposed annual budget and monthly financial statements, which accurately reflect the financial condition of the organization
  • Responsible for fiscal management that generally anticipates operating within the approved budget, ensures maximum resource utilization, and maintenance of the organization in a positive financial position
  • Responsible for strategic planning to ensure that the community can successfully fulfill its mission into the future
  • Responsible for the enhancement of the community image by being active and visible in the community and by working closely with other professional, civic and private organizations
  • Direct and support human resources activities, including the approval of HR plans and activities, the selection of directors, and other high level staff, and establishment and organization of major departments
  • Direct, plan, and implement policies, objectives and activities of business in order to ensure continuing operations, to maximize revenue, and to increase productivity
  • Reference and hold accountable management teams and operations to relate and reference budgetary guidelines
  • Establish departmental responsibilities, and coordinate functions among departments
  • Implement corrective action plans to solve organizational or departmental problems
  • Interpret and explain policies, rules, regulations, and laws to staff, residents, visitors, customers, or vendors as necessary
  • Negotiate and approve contracts and agreements with suppliers, distributors, federal and state agencies and other organizational entities
  • Support and maintain control of financial decisions regarding departmental spending habits
  • Support marketing efforts of the property, and work with potential residents to negotiate (as necessary) appropriate fee schedule for services and rent as necessary
  • Hold responsible management team to execute and implement SMART goals annually, and review and update with managers as necessary to assist department heads with meeting their goals
  • Prepare budgets for approval, including those for funding and implementation programs
  • Represent the organization and promote its objectives in and outside of the workplace at all times
  • Report to work on time as scheduled and consistently
  • Maintain a professional attitude and consistently work cooperatively with residents, families, supervisors, co-workers and ancillary service provider
  • Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrate a warm, outgoing, and compassionate personality.
  • Demonstrated integrity, maturity and leadership skills.
  • Possess a clear comprehension of State Department of Social Services Standards and Regulations for Licensed Assisted Living Facilities

As an essential function of the job, the Executive Director is regularly called on to effectively report emergencies such as residents/patients condition changes, as well as accidents and incidents, complaints and grievances by residents and their families, etc. It is determined that the Executive Director has the ability to communicate with other and does not pose a threat to the safety or health of self or others.


Meets all current requirements of the State of Virginia Department of Social Services Standards and Regulations for Licensed Assisted Living Facilities, and any amendment thereto, as required.

Two years post-secondary education required; college degree preferred.


The Executive Director will have five years experience working in a nursing home, hospital, home health agency, or other health care facility, or five years experience in a similar environment or related field.