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DSB - School Bus Driver

Job Details

DS Bus Lines - Belton, MO - Belton, MO
Part Time


Classification: Non-exempt

Reports to: Contract Manager, or Lead Driver or Site Supervisor

Date: 10/22/2021


School bus drivers provide a safe, reliable, clean and courteous school bus transportation to the public. School bus drivers must conduct pre-post trip bus safety inspections, adjust safety devices, operate radios, and operate a 27,000 gross vehicle weight rated school bus.

Essential Functions

• Good verbal communication skills

• At least 21 years old

• Valid driver’s license for at least 3 years

• Subject to a background check; drug screen & physical evaluation


  1. Must be able to jump out of a bus (3-foot drop) and climb from emergency door.
  2. Have the ability to walk forward and backward in the bus without assistance.
  3. You will be tested on emergency evacuation procedures.

Supervisory Responsibility


Work Environment

  1. Must be able to tolerate hot and cold weather.
  2. Ability to work in an environment with limited to moderate level of supervision and an atmosphere of informal autonomy: This requires an adaptability to variable pressures and paces in any given workday.
  3. Able to perform multiple task simultaneously while concentrating on safety of children, as well as their physical, mental, or emotional needs.
  4. Be able to tolerate diesel fuel fumes, odors, and moderate dust conditions

Physical Demands
Standing/ Walking:

Activity: Pre-and Post-trip inspection of the bus, loading and unloading of students.

Longest Single Duration: 10 Minutes.

Grade: Varies

Terrain: Gravel/blacktop/Concrete and/or bus aisle 22 steps to the back of the bus. Bus aisle is 12 wide.


Total Time: 3-7 hours.

Activity: While driving bus.

Longest Single Duration: 2 hours.

Type of Seat: 17 x 17 bus seat that offers vibrations. Seat set back 40 from the accelerator and break. Seat


Activity: Must distinguish colors of electric traffic signals to determine red, yellow, and green.

Visual sight must be maintained with currently State and Federal requirements.

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work

Workday hours are 4 - 8 hours per day.

NOW Hiring – School Bus Drivers – Our MVP!

Come join the Family!  We understand that our Drivers are the most valuable player and the face of our team each day with thousands of students and parents.  Family, Safety, Service, and Respect are the core values that govern our work environment and enrich our support within each community we work.  Our Children are precious cargo and require the very best Drivers to safeguard their daily transit.

No experience necessary.  We provide training to successful obtain Commercial Driver’s License and endorsements



Who We Are
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DS Bus Lines is a family-owned and operated employee shuttle & school bus contracting services company located in Shawnee, KS. Previously, under the name School Services and Leasing, Inc., we were one of the largest, privately-owned student transportation services in the US. Our employees, experience, and expertise remain at the industry's forefront.
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DS Bus Lines is a growing company with over 150 years of combined industry experience. In addition to extensive training, background checks and drug and alcohol testing, all drivers are vetted for their ability to compassionately work with students, parents, teachers, and customers in order to provide excellent services.
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