Grassroots Leadership & Asylum Support Internship
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Boston, NYC, Oakland, Washington D.C. - ,
$15.00 Hourly

The Grassroots Leadership & Asylum Support Intern works within the Grassroots Leadership & Engagement (GLE) Unit of Amnesty International USA (AIUSA). The GLE unit builds grassroots capacity to advance AIUSA’s human rights work through the recruitment, training, and support of specialized volunteer leaders.  


The Grassroots Leadership & Asylum Support Intern will support initiatives to train and engage AIUSA’s Country Specialists in refugee and asylum casework. AIUSA’s Country and Thematic Specialists are volunteer leaders who serve as country or issue experts and strategists. Country Specialists support refugee and asylum seekers by writing letters of support, acting as an expert witness, or share resources available to refugee and asylum seekers. The Grassroots Leadership & Asylum Support Intern will work closely with GLE staff and Country Specialists to advance AIUSA’s asylum work through resource development, training, and tracking support. The Grassroots Leadership & Asylum Support Intern will also work closely with staff to recruit and train new volunteer leaders. In this role, the intern will strengthen skills related to project management, data analysis, critical thinking, shared leadership in a membership organization, consultation methodology and implementation.  


AIUSA interns are paid on an hourly basis ($15 per hour) with a maximum workload of 35 hours per week and for no more than 3.5 months in duration. The selected candidate must be located in a state where AIUSA offices are located: New York City, Boston MA, Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, Oakland CA, and Washington, D.C. All AIUSA employees are currently working remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; interns are able to work in offices if and when staff return to offices in person. 



  • Respond to refugee or asylum assistance requests.  
  • Support AIUSA’s asylum casework working group in creating digital materials and tools to train and assist AIUSA Country Specialists in asylum case support.  
  • Document and highlight asylum successes.  
  • Implement systems and tool to track asylum work. 
  • Support recruitment of volunteer leaders including research, outreach, and application processing.  

Education and Experience:

  • Ability to and comfort with working remotely.  
  • Interest in global and domestic human rights issues.    
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.  
  • Well-organized, dependable, and responsible.   
  • Ability to work well as part of a team, as well as independently.  
  • Experience with project management, data analysis, and/or creative design programs is a plus. 
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