Lucinda F. Carter Preschool or Lower School Associate Teacher Program
Job Details
Greenhill School - Addison, TX
Full Time
Principal Duties & Responsibilities


Greenhill’s Lucinda Carter Associate Teacher position is an apprenticeship program that offers degreed, early-career teachers the opportunity to teach on their own and in collaboration, observe and receive feedback from master teachers, and benefit from an auxiliary professional development program designed for growing teachers. Though hiring assignments are for one year at a time, the expectation is that a successful Associate’s growth vector will comprise increasing responsibilities and autonomy (and salary) over the course of up to five years. After two or three years in the program, Associate Teachers will be fully prepared to seek and secure a position as an independent homeroom or subject area teacher.   

Associate Teachers in Years 1 or 2 of their teaching experience at Greenhill will be considered CARTER ASSOCIATE TEACHERS (CATs), whereas associate teachers with more experience (and who may be in years 3/4/5 as associates here) will just be “Associate Teachers.” CATs will engage in a two-year arc of cohort professional development, while the Associate Teachers will not participate in that work and will focus on their work in the classrooms. 

  • Year One Salary: $39,500 
  • Year Two Salary: $41,500 
  • Year Three Salary: $43,500 
  • Year Four Salary: $45,500 
  • Year Five Salary: $47,500 


The school seeks an outstanding educator for Carter Associate Teacher, whose duties may comprise: 

  • Whole class, small group, and one-on-one instruction in a range of subjects; 

  • Close collaboration with a mentor teacher and grade-level teaching team in executing the duties of daily teaching; 

  • Participation in team planning and meetings; 

  • Engagement in divisional or all-school professional development; 

  • Participation at divisional, departmental, and all-school faculty meetings; 

  • Substantive involvement in parent-teacher conferences; 

  • Various supervisory duties, including early morning playground duty, lunch duty, recess duty, and carpool duties; 

  • Service as collaborative library faculty and liaison between the grade level and library; 

  • Involvement in growth and feedback opportunities, including scheduled observation of teachers across campus, observed lessons for feedback purposes, and work with an assigned and dedicated mentor teacher. 


The ideal candidate will…   

  • Have a desire to contribute to a community where the people, culture, and curriculum rely on actively engaging difference  

  • Show a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (e.g., familiarity with concepts; evidence of relevant personal growth; examples of relevant practice, etc.)  

  • Have an ability to welcome and include others and an openness to collaboration across differences  

  • Demonstrate competency with student-centered technology, an interest in advancing and supporting its use to enhance student learning, and the desire to employ technology to connect with students who learn both remotely and in-person;  

  • Have earned a Bachelor’s Degree with a focus in education and practicum experience, or a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood or Elementary Education; 

  • Demonstrate an interest in contributing to conversations about instruction and curriculum, classroom management, and the stages of childhood development; 

  • Possess an affinity for and comfort in working with young children and the patience, joy, and poise that this endeavor entails; 

  • Carry the maturity, interpersonal and social skills to function as a contributing and responsible member of the Greenhill faculty;  

  • Welcome membership and participation in the cohort of Carter Associate Teachers, both contributing to and growing from the benefits of membership in this cohort;  

  • Nurture a goal of eventually moving to a lead teacher position; 

  • Demonstrate the professionalism of a full-time educator, demonstrating among other traits, punctuality, initiative, and independence. 

  • Embody a relentless work ethic and positive spirit 

We seek educators who are collaborative in nature, eager to learn, yearn to engage fully in the life of the school, and have a positive attitude!