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Volunteer Youth Sports

Job Details

Youth Development - Olympia, WA


To provide an enjoyable and safe sporting experience for an assigned group of athletes while they learn confidence, individual and team games skills, sportsmanship and fair play.



  • Possess organizational skills, patience, maturity, and dependability
  • Sound Character, strong morals, values, and personal ethics
  • Enthusiasm and a positive spirit with a commitment to equal participation


  • Current CPR/First Aid certification

Tasks and Activities

  • Attend the mandatory coaches training
  • Show up to all practices and games on time 
  • Coach an assigned group of children and focus on skill development, safety, fair play, sportsmanship, and fun
  • Effectively communicate to the individual team every week with updates about practices, game times and special events
  • Use email communication to receive updates from the Youth Sports office and reply to necessary notifications in a timely manner
  • Adhere to YMCA policies, rules, and objectives
  • Responsible for maintaining care of all YMCA Sports equipment
  • Lead by example among team parents to support the responsibilities of the referee and league leadership
  • Work to establish and improve team unity and spirit
  • Ensure equal playing time for all players, regardless of the score
  • Uphold the YMCA mission and philosophy during practices and games to set positive examples for athletes