Creative Director
Job Details
Willow Core Ministry Team - South Barrington, IL
Full Time

Creative Director - Core Arts & Worship Ministry


Job Description
Experiences, corporately and individually, can open the door for God to move and transform a life. As the Creative Director you’re responsible for leading creative teams through a collaborative process of researching, ideating, writing, and designing artistic experiences and films. Working off the vision and direction of the teaching team, Worship and Arts Core team, as well as campus teams, you develop story and creative ideas and pitch them. When the pitch is approved, then you will write, design, and storyboard the arts piece. You’ll direct and guide the Producer, Filmmaker/Editor(s), and the rest of the cast/crew through the work’s completion.

Job Responsibilities

  • Write, design and ideate creative elements that could be captured on video or performed live
  • Attend and facilitate creative planning meetings in partnership with the Worship & Arts Core Team
  • Direct and coach talent on video shoots
  • Build into and develop other creatives across all of our campuses
  • Perform creative pieces when warranted


Success is defined as…
Creative pieces are implemented/performed at each campus with ease and high impact.  We develop a rhythm of creativity that is energizing, fresh and sustainable.


Preferred Skills and Experience


  • Story telling
  • Script writing/creative performance writing
  • Project management and vision casting of creative ideas

Personal Characteristics: 

  • Learner -- can take direction and feedback and has a great desire to learn.
  • Self-Aware - knows where they have weakness, and finds others to fill in those gaps.
  • Team Oriented - loves to work with and empower others

Education and Experience: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in theater or communications
  • Script writing and/or live performance
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